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Corporate Social Responsibility

Alpadia’s mission is to encourage language development through immersion and to expand the horizons of our students. Inspired by our multifaceted and multilingual country, we know that learning and communicating in different languages is key to being part of a changing world and to promoting sustainability.

Each year we welcome over 6’000 students from all over the world. They come to our schools sharing a common objective: to inspire their future. Our CSR commitment is to help protect this future. Here is simply listed how we humbly try to do it.

Preserving natural resources

  • Monitor and continually improve our environmental standards
  • Train and increase awareness among our team of the preservation of the environment throughout their activity
  • Monitor and adapt our consumption habits, notably of water and energy
  • Monitor and reduce the CO2 emissions of our vehicles
  • Optimise and reduce the distances travelled by our team
  • Digitalise our documentation to avoid print waste and transportation pollution
  • Reduce, sort and recycle our waste material
  • Audit and evaluate our suppliers’ environmental policies

Walking the walk

  • Put into place a dedicated organisation responsible for piloting and monitoring our sustainable development policy and producing the necessary information on this measure to those concerned among us
  • Carry out regular satisfaction surveys with our clients, co-workers and partners and implement all the necessary actions in order to best meet their expectations
  • Operate governance with transparency and responsibility.

Serving our clients & community

  • Provide the best language education and help our clients to select the most appropriate program
  • Propose quality and local, cultural, social and recreational activities
  • Promote education about the environment and sustainable development through our offer and programs of citizen awareness and education
  • Encourage sharing and discussion between individuals in order to contribute to a better awareness of each other and the environment
  • Allow access to and facilitate language learning to our community

For more information on our sustainability agenda, please contact our General Manager.

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