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Learn French in France

Explore our French language course centre in Lyon, France and get a unique insight into the French culture and experience all that this exceptional city has to offer.



225 EUR

Our school is in the heart of the city’s cultural and festive life in Lyon’s centre. The beautiful 19th century building is located on the “Presqu’île” (peninsula), overlooking the Rhône and a short walk from the Saône.

Did you know?

  • France is the largest French-speaking territory.
  • French is an official language in 29 countries.
  • French is estimated to have around 80 million native and 200 million non-native speakers worldwide.
  • French is also an official language in the small region of Aosta Valley, Italy.

Why learn French in France?

Studying French in France is an excellent way to be fully immersed and to develop comprehension of the language from a fresh perspective, getting to experience the true taste of the French culture, lifestyle and the people.

Offer yourself the opportunity to discover a country with a proud historical patrimony, magnificent style, countless attractions, incomparable charm and amazing food. Your French classes will be accompanied by a good dose of "émotion", as France is the country of the heart and of love. 

Learn French in Lyon

The City of Lights

With its university, art, culture, history, creation, gastronomy and contemporary dance, Lyon is a cosmopolitan city that is always pushing boundaries. Founded in 43 BC, the former capital of Gaul is perfectly located between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, on the Saône-Rhône axis and with the Alps nearby.

Lyon is a place of urban elegance with everything to entice you, including great culture, an impressive range of restaurants and a student population of 100,000. At night, the city sparkles; your evenings in Lyon are bound to be exciting and memorable.

Discover a UNESCO-listed city famous for its silver and gold embroidered silks; enjoy its beauty and lose yourself in its energy and unique lifestyle. A French course in Lyon is a treat for all five senses.

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