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Learn German in Germany

Browse through our German language course centres in Berlin and Freiburg.

You have the choice between an avant-garde capital city or the innovative capital of the Black Forest. Both offer Alpadia quality courses, great standards of living and a generous student life full of activities and entertainment.



155 EUR

In the Schöneberg district, a stone’s throw from the main attractions of the capital, our language school offers students a unique opportunity to attend German courses in one of the most beautiful areas of the city.



160 EUR

Founded in 1972, our language school in Freiburg is established in an elegant neoclassical house located in the town centre. Here, you will find a stimulating, multicultural environment, conducive to learning German rapidly.

Did you know?

  • Germany is bordered by nine countries; Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
  • Germany is the EU’s largest economy with a GDP of approximately €2.5 billion.
  • Germany has more cultural activities and attractions than any other country, boasting over 6000 museums and 800 theatres.
  • Germany is a leader in climate and energy policies.

Why learn German in Germany?

Take advantage of a language study stay in Germany to discover its exceptional cultural heritage!

Germany is an extraordinary land of creation and innovation and has given birth to exceptional artists, revolutionary architects, esteemed scientists and pioneering philosophers. While Bach and Beethoven are still celebrated in concert halls throughout the world, Goethe gave German literature all its prestige, Walter Gropius changed the course of design and architecture while Schiller magnified poetry. There is also an impressive historical partrimony with some 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany! 

While Germany excels in the arts, it also enjoys a strong position in the world’s economy, number one in Europe and number four worldwide. German products have a global reputation of combining quality and solidity, comfort and luxury. Germany as a country has one of the strongest economies in Europe today and benefits from a comfortable standard of living.

Give yourself the chance to get fully immersed in the rich German culture and contemporary lifestyle by learning German with Alpadia.

Learn German in Berlin

An Avant-Garde Capital

Learn German in Berlin and discover a capital city with a unique soul: a place where audacious architecture, cutting-edge cultural events and prodigious parties await! Berlin with its numerous parks, forests and lakes exuberantly juxtaposes avant-garde glass-panelled skyscrapers and historical buildings with large green areas that account for around a third of the city, providing plenty of perfect places to enjoy some fresh air. 

Berlin’s true richness resides in its cultural diversity. Where the cogs of the east and west once sparked violently together, the unified machine is now running like clockwork, but the creative flames lit by those sparks are burning brighter than ever.

With its unrivalled cultural dynamism, the German capital has become Europe’s hippest city. Home to more than 165 museums, 300 art galleries and 150 theatres, Berlin is a kaleidoscope of artistic activity, bursting with creativity and welcoming the most diverse trends.

The city centre is filled with famous historical sites, including the remains of the wall that split Berlin in two for 28 years, the Reichstag with its translucent dome, the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie. If shopping is more your thing, take advantage of numerous shops on Ku’damm or Friedrichstrasse.

And the cherry on the cake? The city is one of the cheapest in Europe!

Learn German in Freiburg

Capital of the Black Forest

Located in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, where Germany meets Switzerland and France, Freiburg is a multicultural city with a southern charm. Residents have a long-standing commitment to sustainable development, always favouring walking and cycling to get around the picturesque alleys and lanes of the town centre. Modern and audacious, the whole city supports innovative ideas and its location as the economic heart of a dynamic region only reinforces this open-mindedness.

Hailed as the capital of the Black Forest, the town opens onto glorious mountainous landscapes and lush countryside along the Baden wine trail. Certainly on account of its attachment to these exceptional natural surroundings, Freiburg has become one of the greenest cities in Europe and a pioneer in solar energy and sustainable architecture.

Learn German in Freiburg and let this attractive university town, considered the warmest in Germany, enliven your senses. Stroll about the pedestrian streets of its historical town centre, treat yourself to delicious Kaffee & Kuchen on the terrace of a local café and get carried away by a whirl of music and cultural events!

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