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Webinar: How to enter university in Germany

Carrer Pathways Webinar

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With over 20 years of experience in the study abroad industry, Alpadia Pathways introduces a new webinar series which is an opportunity for international professional looking to relocate to Germany to get to know more about their work options in Germany, how to apply and regulate their required paperwork.

This event is ideal for you if you are interested in working abroad but do not know where to start. It would be beneficial and helpful even if you are not applying this year.

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Who is the speaker?

Dr Arzhang Mani has received his PhD in Material Engineering and has lived in Iran, Switzerland, USA and Germany. His passion for study/work abroad, however, bent his journey to reside in Berlin and establish his own business. He consulted and coached hundreds of international students and skilled workers aiming at studying or working in Germany. Over the past two years, Arzhang has optimised Alpadia’s University Pathway Programme and developed from scratch Alpadia's Career Pathway Programme in Germany. In this webinar, you will learn more about:

The current situation of the job market and opportunities for foreigners in Germany
How to find work in your profession
Cost information
Services we provide as part of the Career Pathways programme
Alpadia Pathways Speaker Arzhang Mani
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