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University pathway

Alpadia benefits from a large network of universities, both public and private, with whom we have partnered to offer a unique university placement programme. If you have the required academic qualifications and if you pass the language exam qualification needed by the university, we can guarantee you a place at a university

Our German university partners offer Bachelors in

  • Engineering,
  • Computer Science,
  • Business, Social Science,
  • Health Care and Music

Your trip starts here

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Swiss-Quality immersion experience

through lessons


  • Dynamic classes
  • Effective style


  • Course books
  • Updated continuously


  • Interactive methods
  • Small groups
  • Digitally advanced technology

Support for
optimal immersion

Always in touch

  • Guidance to choose the right course
  • Assistance with accommodation booking
  • Walkthrough the visa / permit process
  • Organization of transfers


  • Quality accommodation
  • Wide range of options

Activities & School life

  • Afternoon group activities
  • Organized trips & weekend excursions
  • Insider tips

Student is the core of Alpadia