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Learn French or German online!

ALPADIA gives its younger students (8-17) a great opportunity over the summer to improve or learn a new language in a safe, fun way and meet friends from around the world virtually.

Our junior online live courses incorporate a stimulating academic approach, leading educational material, fun activities and engaging collaboration projects among the students.


Our Certified Methodology

We strive to provide dynamic and effective teaching with an equal dedication to developing all language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as focusing at the same time on each student’s individual language objectives.

Standard 10

10 lessons per week

Our Standard 10 courses are perfect for improving general linguistic skills. Two morning lessons per day (45 minutes each, 7.5 hours per week) in small groups with our motivating and dynamic teachers.
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Intensive 15

15 lessons per week

With our Intensive 15 course, the students benefit from five additional lessons per week (45 minutes each, over 11 hours per week), practising the language in-depth with the main focus on oral communication, encouraging rapid progress.
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Project 20 - learning beyond the classroom

20 lessons per week

This course includes 15 language lessons + 5 additional ones of group work on a week-long project (15 hours per week). During an ALPADIA Project Language lessons, students develop the confidence to use grammar structures accurately and fluently while at the same time expanding their German/French vocabulary organically through learning about different project topics and practising essential life skills. This allows students to learn from each other, develop and showcase their artistic, creative and leadership skills, as well as learn time management, challenge assumptions and become better communicators overall.


Project language samples:

  • • Designing a tourist leaflet of their home country
  • • Creating a vision board
  • • Designing a poster for a festival
  • • Producing an infographic
  • • Carrying out a survey
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Private lessons

Intensity and duration based on your needs

One-on-one private lessons, where the teacher will work specifically on the skills the student wishes to develop and progress at their own pace. 

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What’s included

  • All educational material 
  • Access to online platforms
  • Placement test prior to class
  • Course completion certificate
  • Supportive learning atmosphere

Online Education Platforms


Hueber is one of the world's leading language publishers that offers students tried and tested German language course textbooks. Its digitally adapted interactive versions contain all online editions of the course and workbooks with many functions that facilitate easy online learning. Used for German courses only.
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It is used as a fast-pace and highly efficient group communication tool. It provides a common space for students to interact and exchange as a group and follow any teacher instruction by screen-sharing, etc.
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ALPADIA teachers use this platform to create virtual classrooms where they share with each group the course material, weekly objectives, assignments, create quizzes, etc. Students become part of a vibrant classroom community.
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This platform is used for oral skills development and practice. Teachers create groups of students and initiate a topic of discussion. With the fast live chat option, as students talk, teachers simultaneously correct without cutting them off. It is an ideal solution to help students progress and become more confident speaking.

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Course prices 2020

Course prices 1 week <%= displayWeek(currentWeek, 'week', 'weeks') %> 7 weeks
Standard 10 EUR 95 EUR <%= price(prices['course-1'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 525
Intensive 15 EUR 145 EUR <%= price(prices['course-2'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 840
Project 20 EUR 195 EUR <%= price(prices['course-3'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 1'155

Optional fees 2020

Price per week

EUR 80
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Dates & General Information 2020

Every Monday

Starting from June 29 to August 14, 2020

Enrolment fee EUR 75

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For enrolments please fill up this form and send it to , or contact us. 
For more information on our live online courses, please click on the link below - our team will help you every step of the way.

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