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English Summer Camp in Germany

Learn English in Germany and take advantage of bilingual environments on Lake Werbellin and in Lahntal, two stunning locations abundant in natural beauty.

Our students will be able to take advantage of learning English in enchanting landscapes, located in a country renown for its culture, heritage and natural beauty. Sharing the campus with students learning German, these settings provide an international environment and high-quality language courses with a unique and exciting activity-driven programme. 



815 EUR

Set in the upper Lahn and only an hour from Frankfurt, the Lahntal Alpadia summer camp offers a great opportunity for young students to have fun and breathe fresh air while learning English.


Did you know?

  • Germany has over 400 zoos, making it the country with the most in the world.
  • There are over 1000 different types of sausages in Germany.
  • Germany brought to the world some of the most famous inventions: the light bulb, the automated calculator, the pocket watch, cars, the jet engine and the LCD screen.
  • University in Germany is free for everyone, even for foreigners!

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