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Italian Summer Camp

Alpadia offers a wonderful Italian language summer camp in the gorgeous lakeside town of Ascona in Switzerland.

With a programme of classes every morning and activities every afternoon, we encourage the active practice of the language both inside the classroom and out. The generous sports and creative entertainment we supply our camper ensures they live an enjoyable summer learning experience.



1300 CHF

Ideally situated only a stone’s throw away from the small streets of the old town and the quays lining the banks of Lake Maggiore, our Ascona course centre is located in the magnificent Collegio Papio.


About Italian

  • Italian is the language of the culinary arts, interior design, furniture design and fashion.
  • Around 85 million people speak Italian worldwide and it is a native language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Slovenia (Slovenian Istria) and in Croatia’s Istria County.
  • Italian is an easy language to learn for an English or French native speaker.
  • Italian is important for the study of subjects like history, music, art, business, economics, political science and literature.

Why learn Italian?

Learning Italian is helpful for anyone wishing to pursue a career in fashion, business, engineering, technology, design and music. It allows you to capture the spirit of the Mediterranean and of their joy of living. It also opens the door to a wealth of information and improves cultural understanding. Being able to speak Italian makes traveling around the picturesque country much easier, giving first-hand insights into a society rich in art, history and culture. 

Italian Summer Camp in Switzerland

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