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I liked the company of people and I really liked that the space here is a really big. I liked the activities very much.

What I preferred were the teachers... and all the new people that I met!

The holidays were fantastic!

My holidays at Alpadia were very nice. It was so good. Thanks for the two week holiday!

I liked being with students from other countries and all the Alpadia staff was very nice and friendly.

Here at Alpadia you meet many different people and it was a great experience!

I loved learning the language and meeting other people.

The activities are really cool!

The room was good, as were the teachers! I did learn a lot. The lake is great! I had lots of fun and met some cool friends.

I like the Alpadia programme, because it is fantastic!

In this camp I like the afternoon activities and the teachers, as they were always happy to help. I think that one should come back a second time to this camp to have even more fun!

The camp was a great experience and all the people here are nice and welcoming.

The school is tip-top.

The teachers are cool, the other people too!

The teachers are super!

I particularly liked the evening programme because it was relaxing and was always outside.

The teachers are good, my class as well because I made new friends. The daily programme? It's fantastic! I love Alpadia!

This experience was new for me. I really liked it and I can't wait to do something similar another time. I want to say thanks to all the teachers who helped me all the time. It was amazing.

I had lots of fun: the activities were great and well organised!

I enjoyed lessons, games nights, discos and excursions and I always had fun and really enjoyed myself. I'm really glad I got to know all these new friends and I love all the staff as they were really kind and always available for me.

I have found many new friends with whom I spent my free time and did activities with.

The walk in the mountains was very interesting. That I enjoyed very much.

The many activities are fun and the teachers are really cool and friendly.

I liked the staff , they were very nice and kind and I liked the excursions. The organisation during the excursions was perfect. The sports and and evening activities were fun and amazing! The accommodation was clean and it was in a good location and near to the park.

We had lots of great activities which were good fun. During the lessons we learn a lot and the excursions are super!

I spent 2 weeks with Alpadia – it was the best camp I have ever experienced! The activities were great and such fun! Thank you for everything!

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