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Quality accommodation

Home away from home

Discover a new language and a foreign culture in a comfortable and welcoming environment where you can take full advantage of your language study stay by practising daily. At most camps, you will stay in a residence or, at Montreux-Riviera, with a host family.

Residence accommodation allows you to have a highly enriching experience of community life, away from your parents! Usually located on a campus that offers plenty of games and communal areas, you'll have lots of opportunities to mingle with other international students, sharing fun and laughter together. Girls and boys sleep in separate areas and are supervised by our friendly and professional staff members.

Host family accommodation offers numerous advantages: the conviviality of a family environment, daily practice of the local language and the discovery of a new culture.

On request and depending on availability, you may be accommodated with a friend.

Host family


Enjoy living with a local family who will help you get immersed in the French language. Alpadia carefully selects host families to make sure that they provide the best possible environment for our students. Host families propose twin bedrooms with a study space and shared bathroom. 

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Student Residence

London-City / Portsmouth / Keele

This type of accommodation proposes our students a single room with ensuite bathroom set in our secure and supervised student residence. Equipped with a desk, lamp, chair and wardrobe, these rooms are built to quality standards and allow our students to have their own personal space when needed.

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Student Residence

Paris-Igny / Ascona / Engelberg

Twin rooms are equipped with a wardrobe, table, chairs and shared bathroom within our secure and supervised student residence. 

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Student Residence

Paris-Igny / Berlin-Werbellinsee / Biarritz

Triple rooms are great for getting to know fellow campers while providing each student with the comfort and space that they need. Each room provides each student with a wardrobe, a chair and shared desk space and a shared bathroom. 

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Student Residence

Leysin-Juniors / Leysin-Teens / Berlin-Wannsee / Freiburg / Ascona / Lahntal

This type of accommodation offers our students the chance to share a room with three other students. Equipped with individual wardrobes, a table and chairs, all rooms are located in the secure and supervised environment of our student residence.

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