German Courses Abroad

German language courses for students 16+ with Alpadia Language Schools


Our German courses for students 16+

As an official language in six European countries, German is the European Union's most widely spoken tongue. Our German courses will enable you to master this fascinating language.


Great locations

Fantastic school locations – Berlin and Freiburg


Small classes

Small class sizes – limited to a maximum fourteen students or eight for mini-groups


Dynamic lessons

Teachers use recognised DaF (German as a Foreign Language) methods, as well as current affairs and media to provide engaging and dynamic classes

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Pre-arrival testing

Pre-arrival online language placement test allows us to place you in the right level so you can make maximum progress

Our destinations for German courses
Learn German abroad in one of three fantastic locations. Immerse yourself in the living language in Germany or Switzerland.
alpadia adult school berlin destination

A hip capital city with a unique soul, equal parts historic and modern

Ariel view of the German city of Freiburg

The sunniest city in Germany, hailed as the capital of the Black Forest

alpadia school marion testimonial

At first, I wasn’t very excited at the prospect of taking a German language course abroad. I didn’t like the language. Once on site, I changed my mind radically and I was very happy to be there. My language skills improved quickly and significantly. I met people from all over the world and I learnt a lot from them. I went to Freiburg and then Berlin: the two towns are very different but they are both charming. Freiburg is peaceful and green, with excellent nightlife venues. Berlin is bursting with people, history, parties and discoveries. This trip was a very positive experience and I wish it wasn’t already over

Marion Parietti - Switzerland

Additional Information

Why choose a German course with Alpadia?

A German language course can open a variety of exciting new opportunities. Therefore, choosing the right German language course is paramount in ensuring that you get the most out of your study abroad experience. 

Enter Alpadia’s German language course! With us, you’ll get to benefit from Swiss-quality education in the home of German: Germany! This immersive style of learning allows you to deepen your understanding of the language, as well as practice and utilize your new skills at all times – even when you’re not in class! 

Language schools in Germany

What's more exciting than learning German? How about learning it right in Germany with Alpadia! Improving your language skills while surrounded by locals gives you a truly awesome learning experience.

At Alpadia, we've got a bunch of cool schools perfect for students 16 and up where you can learn German. Imagine learning German in Berlin, the buzzing capital of Germany, or having a blast while learning in Freiburg, a city on the edge of the amazing Black Forest.

German is an international language 

As a European powerhouse, learning German offers fantastic opportunities for students to expand their horizons and increase their chances of success.  

Learning German through a German language course can open a variety of professional and personal doors for you. Germany has a strong economy and an open job market that encourages international students to move over. Combine that with the low-cost of living and a vibrant culture, you can see why learning German is a great idea.