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Experience learning a language in a fun-packed environment

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We offer language camps for students aged 8–17 in Switzerland, France, Germany and the UK that follow a curriculum specially designed for young learners.


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English Language Camps

Alpadia students in London


Who doesn't remember that one special summer, where you made loads of new friends and had so many adventures? Imagine if you could top that experience with learning a new language, exploring a new country and its culture, and developing skills with friends from different countries; that’s a summer camp! Summer camps are the best route to a promising future, built from an early age.  

For the last 30 years, Alpadia’s summer camps have offered a safe environment for families, children and young learners to start stepping out of their comfort zone, allowing them to discover their strengths and build confidence.  

By enrolling in one of Alpadia Junior courses, young learners will: 

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Learn to communicate in a new language in all types of formal and informal situations.   



Make friends from all over the world, which helps them get essential social and intercultural skills  


Enjoy fun and engaging classes taught by experienced native tutors and language coaches 


Have the time of their lives thanks to our carefully planned activity program

What our students are saying

Alpadia Berlin-Werbellinsee German Summer Camp - gallery

I would like to THANK YOU Alpadia for the unforgettable times my daughter had in Berlin. She was so excited to be a member of a multicultural, multi-language environment that it was so difficult for me to convince her to flight back home.
The teachers and all the staff in the campus were very helpful, with broad knowledge of their aspects and always supportive to all kids participating. She enjoyed the classes and she enjoyed his ability to translate for the juniors from English to German and vice versa and be supportive to the other team mates.
Last but most serious of all, my daughter realizes her high level in German and reinstate her willing to come to Germany for her bachelor studies. All these come from the effort demonstrated from all your staff either administrative or teaching.
I certainly recommend the program to any parent willing to sent his kid in a safe enjoyable and effective environment to learn a foreign language.

Thanassis Menounos

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Why choose our language camps


Curriculum for Juniors

Practice your speaking, grammar, listening, reading, writing skills and learn new vocabulary; whilst following a curriculum specifically designed for juniors. Students can choose additional private or intensive classes to make rapid progress.

Idea package

Project-based learning

Our language courses include a special Project Language module to get students working together on their own creations, encouraging collaboration and project management. Projects include producing videos, writing comics, directing plays and more.

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Excursions and activities

We organise a range of afternoon and evening activities, from multisports to cooking classes, as well as exciting excursions to nearby cities, museums and amusement parks, giving our students every opportunity to have fun, make new friends and develop their language skills.

Inside house

Accommodation and meals

We have strict safety and security policies in our young student residences and homestays. All meals are included, and we can cater for a range of dietary needs.

Activities that Alpadia's camps offer

Summer camps are all about the fun activities young learners can enjoy during their stay. We adjust the social programs to the location, times of the year, and choices for all types of personalities.  

Whether you enjoy sports, nature, urban exploration, crafting, dancing, or shopping, Alpadia summer camps cater to all interests. 
If you would like to see examples of activities, choose one of the summer camps we offer and you will find more details. Alpadia also offers Premium activities; investing a bit extra gives young learners access to exclusive excursions, events, and more.  

Join us for an unforgettable journey packed with joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories!

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Alpadia offers camps in Spring, Summer and Fall, depending on the location and language of your choice. Our young learners love joining us during their half terms or longer holiday seasons to practise their language skills. However, our schools are running all year round so if breaks don’t suit you, you could always check whether we have availability during other periods.  

Whether you are choosing France, Germany or England, to enjoy an unforgettable camp experience learning French, German or English, we would recommend you check our schools and destinations.  

Language camps to learn French have the following starting dates: Spring camps start on the 31st of March, during Easter, and finish on the 27th of April 2024. Most summer camps run from the beginning of June until August.  

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As with most of everything in life, the sooner, the better. Spring and summer camps are busy periods, and families prepare for these holidays well in advance, so we recommend not to leave it too late so we can help you customize your experience as much as possible.  

Alpadia camps are very popular and have limited capacity to ensure the best service we can provide. Also, we offer promotions and other advantages for those who start planning ahead. If you are interested in specific accommodations and want to book our premium activities before they are fully booked, contact us, and we will start planning an unforgettable summer camp.  

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