Career Pathway Programme in Germany

Start your career in Germany

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What our Career Pathway Programme offers

While the transition to the dynamic German working environment appeals to many, the process can be complex and intimidating if you don't yet speak the language. We’ve designed our Career Pathway programme to help you enter the German job market with ease. We’ll help you with securing your visa, arranging accommodation, completing necessary paperwork and of course, learning German. With our extensive network of partner companies, our expert coaches will guide you through the job placement process, supporting you right up until you land your desired job. Our Career Pathway programme is available in Freiburg, Berlin and online.

Why work in Germany?

Germany facilitates the migration of skilled workers and specialists by opening up the German labour market to international professionals. Known for its attractive worker benefits, flexible working hours and high proportion of small to medium-sized businesses, Germany is a fantastic place to begin an international career.


Personal Pre-Evaluation Package

Evaluation of academic and career background
Defining visa and work-permit requirements
Providing a customised roadmap and timeline

Recognition Process

Document preparation assistance
Recognition application assistance
Recognition certificate express delivery to your home country

Visa Application Assistance

Document preparation assistance
Motivational letter review
Opening a blocked account

Arrival to Germany

Airport transfer
Organised accommodation
Address registration

German Language Courses

Placement test
German language courses
Official exam preparation (Telc Beruf Medicine Preparation)

Career Coaching

CV preparation (in English and German)
Cover letter workshop
Mock interviews
Job contract review

Settling Down in Germany

Long-term accommodation
Residence Permit/Blue Card application assistance

Family Relocation to Germany

Visa application assistance
German language courses for spouse
School locator and registration for children
Arrival and settling down services


What academic qualifications do I need to receive a work permit in Germany?

Your academic background needs to fulfil a certain set of criteria—this is known as the recognition process. The recognition process is complex and in several cases, state-specific. We will assess your academic background at the pre-evaluation stage and guide you through the recognition process.

What work experience do I need to get a work visa in Germany?

Your career background and specialisms play a key part in the recognition process and the likelihood of you finding a job in Germany. If you work in a desirable or sought-after field, you're more likely to find employment.

Do I need to speak German to work in Germany?

Knowing German is almost always mandatory for working in Germany. Even if the working language is English (in rare cases), being able to speak German is key for your integration into society. In many sectors of work, you may need to prove your German language ability for the recognition process.

What other requirements are there for receiving a work permit in Germany?

One of the other requirements for receiving a work permit in Germany is to find a job in the field of your academic and career background with a certain level of salary. This is highly dependent on your expertise and field of occupation. We will assess your potential for finding a job in Germany during the pre-evaluation process.

Do I need a visa?

EU applicants: No visa needed.

Non EU applicants: A Job-Seeker-Visa or a Post-Recognition-Visa allow you to improve your German at Alpadia Language Schools in Berlin or Freiburg and at the same time to go through the job application process via our career coaching. We will assist you throughout every single step in this path. Upon fulfilling the language requirements, you will be able to get a work permit and an EU Blue Card or a Residence Permit without the need to go back to your home country.

Find the best international talent

Find the best international talent for your business

Partner with us to source talent for your company from across the globe. We'll help you with shortlisting candidates that meet your criteria and preparing them for starting work with you with German language courses, visa application, finding long-term accommodation and more.

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