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Quality accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation is essential to the success of a language study stay.

This is why we take special care when selecting the range of accommodation options we offer students at our various course locations. Whether you want to experience 100% language immersion with a host family or in a shared apartment, international life in a student apartment, complete independence in a studio or at a hotel, you will find the accommodation to suit your requirements.

Host family

Montreux / Lyon / Berlin / Freiburg

By living with a host family, your stay will take on another dimension. Learning the language becomes natural during meals or outings. Staying with a host family is a great way to learn about local culture, experience daily life with your hosts and learn everyday expressions and colloquialisms. We have excellent relationships with our host families and all of them meet our requirements in terms of quality.

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Student apartment

Montreux / Lyon / Berlin / Freiburg

The student apartments are located in the town centre, close to our schools and various shopping areas, cafés and restaurants and they are well served by public transport. This option is particularly suitable for students wishing to enjoy greater freedom while having contact with other students. The apartments offer comfortable double and single bedrooms and facilities include a TV, a fully-furnished kitchen, a washing machine and wireless internet access.

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Lyon / Berlin / Freiburg

Our carefully selected residences are located in the city centre, within 30 minutes of the schools and are well served by public transport. In Freiburg, every single bedroom is fitted with a private bathroom equipped with a shower, a bed, a wardrobe and space to study. On each floor, students have the use of a shared fully-equipped kitchen. In Berlin, the residence features fully-furnished single rooms equipped with ample storage space, a wardrobe, a desk, a kitchenette and private bathroom. In Lyon, single studios are available with a table, a wardrobe and equipped with a small kitchen and private bathroom. Each residence provides our students with in-house laundry facilities, space to study and free WiFi. 


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Self-catering homestay


This very popular accommodation allows more independent students to live in immersion with German people while enjoying some autonomy, as this is a self-catering option. Staying in a comfortable single bedroom, you will share the bathroom and communal areas with your flatmates and have access to the kitchen to prepare your meals. In Berlin, you will also take advantage of a wide range of international restaurants that offer great value for money.

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Our centrally located studios include a fully-equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a TV and an internet connection. They represent an ideal accommodation option for couples and students looking for independence, tranquillity and a higher level of comfort.

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Hotel and Bed & Breakfast

Montreux / Lyon / Berlin / Freiburg

We have selected different types of hotels for you, from the most basic to the most luxurious. These establishments are located in and around the city centre. If you are interested in this accommodation option, please contact us for more information.

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Course without accommodation

Montreux / Lyon / Berlin / Freiburg

If you wish to arrange accommodation yourself, you can attend the classes and take part in the activities like the other students. In this case, you will only need to pay for the language course and any activities you take part in.

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