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Languages in Action

Take your language course further!

Alpadia can offer students the following combinations to bring their language learning experience into full action:

  • Languages & work experience
    Expand your professional development and CV
  • Languages & internship
    Experience a professional environment while expanding your knowledge
  • Languages & volunteering 
    Develop your sense of community and active citizenship within a non-profit organisation

With our work internship, employment and volunteer programmes, you can take your language courses to a higher level and truly expand your professional development. Whether you are interested in sports, tourism, accounting or design, we have ties with local businesses and charities that can offer you exciting opportunities to expand both your career and personal development.

These programmes are only available EEA and Swiss citizens, residents or working holiday visa holders.


What you need to participate in one of our Languages in Action programmes

  Work Experience  Internship Volunteering
Age Min. 18 years old
Duration Montreux: min. 2 months
Berlin, Freiburg: max. 3 months
Lyon: max. 2 months
Montreux: min. 2 months
Berlin, Freiburg: max. 3 months
Lyon: min. 6 weeks and max. 2 months
1-6 weeks
Course Min. 6 weeks of Standard 20
Language level Minimum B2 level Minimum B2 level Minimum B1 level
Start Anytime during the year – absolute beginners have specific start dates
Industry/Organisations Tourism, hospitality, administration, sports, social services etc.  Montreux Benevolat Vaud
Lyon France Bénévolat
Berlin Give Something Back to Berlin & Caritas
Freiburg Caritas
Remuneration Depending on position Unpaid


Placement fee CHF 550 / EUR 550 CHF 550 / EUR 550

CHF 100 / EUR 75

Registration 4 weeks in advance

Workshops & Masterclasses

To help students adapt to foreign administration and cultures, we hold workshops and masterclasses once a week to guide students on how to:

  • open a bank account
  • set-up various insurance policies
  • write an engaging CV
  • prepare for a job interview
  • fill in a tax declaration form
  • give an oral presentation
  • study for an exam

How to enrol?

  1. You must send us your enrolment form at least 4 weeks before the language course start date. This form must be submitted with your CV and motivation letter, written in the language of your destination, or in English. It does not matter if you make mistakes in this letter, as we will help you correct and improve this upon your arrival at our school.
  2. After reception of your enrolment, we will confirm within 10 working days if we can accept your application to one of our Languages in Action programmes.  If it is accepted you will receive a confirmation and invoice.
  3. Once you arrive at the school, we will set up a meeting with someone from our Student Support Service who is responsible for your placement. Your CV and motivation letter will be reviewed and improved in preparation for your interview. 
  4. You will have a first interview with the company or not-for-profit organisation we will have selected for you.
  5. If the first interview does not work out, we will organise another one with another company. If we are unable to find you a position, all placement fees will be refunded. If you refuse or pull out during the placement, no reimbursement will be possible.

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