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Alpadia student testimonials

I am here because my mother forced me! :-) But I enjoyed my stay here. I followed the Standard course and think that it is the best. I loved meeting new people of different nationalities because this allowed me to soak up the rich, intercultural wealth. I loved my host family too. I lived very close to the metro station which was very important to me, as I wanted to be able to go out easily with my friends. It was a great idea to come here and I don't regret it!

My experience with Alpadia Lyon was really very pleasant. The classes always treat a specific theme, allowing us to learn vocabulary particular to different situations. We also spend quality time on expression, with a focus on both oral and written comprehension. The teachers are serious, but still show their sense of humour from time to time. As such, I learned a lot from our classes and they were enjoyable to follow. I took the Premium class that finished at 3pm, which still allowed me enough time to discover Lyon.

I chose this destination because I wanted to learn French French, and not Swiss style French. For me it is important to learn French as it's the only language taught in my class along with Spanish.

I chose Alpadia because it is a good school. Last year I came here and had so much fun that I decided to come back. The French language is very interesting. Alpadia gave me a great experience and I would like to return next year.

This week at Alpadia was great! The school is very well organised and the subjects that we cover are varied and interesting. The method with which we work the grammar is highly effective! The classes are small, allowing for the teachers to resolve any doubts and give useful indications to help us learn. During this time in Lyon, I am staying with a host family. It's a great way to practise French and to get to know the habits of the locals, sharing their living space and lifestyle.

Lyon was a natural choice as I wanted to discover this exceptional city. I stayed with a dynamic French lady who motivated me. At this host family there were three other students from all over the world. It was wonderfully entertaining to eat at the table and to share a meal together.
The Alpadia team were magnificent. It was important for me to learn French as I am studying Public Administration in French. There are so many things to do in Lyon: visit the Parc de la Tête d'Or, go shopping and eat delicious eclairs and cakes!

Alpadia's teaching methodology and competent, professional team, is adapted to the skills and needs of the students. The organised extra-curricular activities offer a great opportunity to get into contact with other students, to practise the language and to discover the city.

I was in Lyon for a month and I enjoyed myself here! I chose this destination because Lyon seemed to be an ideal city to live and study and it's absolutely true! There are many things to do (very interesting museums) and it's also a perfect city to go out at night with friends from the school. I stayed with a host family and I think it's the best accommodation option to practice French. The classes were really interesting and useful - the teachers were very competent and on top of that I got to meet many students from all over the world.

I had a great experience in Lyon. I made lots of friends from different countries. The city is very interesting and pretty with lots of history. My host family was very warm and very friendly with me. I will come back! The school is not too big, which is good because it gives the opportunity for the students to really get to know one another.

I wanted to learn French because, in Switzerland, it's important to speak French for work. I chose Lyon as it's close to Switzerland and it's a city known for its gastronomy, culture and student population. The school is the best that I had visited and it is very well organised. I chose the Premium course which was very useful and I lived with a host family. I had a good contact with other students, not so much locals, but it was great! We did lots of things after school and there were also lots of activities organised by the school which was really cool. Thank you Alpadia!

I had the choice between three cities, but finally I was influenced by a friend who had lived in Lyon for a year. Lyon is a paradise and well located within France….close to Switzerland and easy to arrive via public transport. I decided to stay with a host family so I would get a taste of local culture and the French language. This gave me the opportunity to improve significantly as my host mother would correct me. What I greatly appreciated was to have met some real French people, particulary locals from Lyon. The Alpadia school is really very well structured. The teachers were all very friendly and kind. The activities were well organised, well chosen and varied! Even the lessons were never boring! :-) I got to take advantage of my time in Lyon and I learned a lot, both on a personal daily life level and with regards to the French language.

I really liked my time in Lyon because I could visit a lot of beautiful places nearby and I met a lot of people with whom I could practice my French. I think that this programme is great, because when I came here I really didn't know anything, but now I can have a conversation with the friends that I made here. Learning French is so important, because you can use it all over the world, especially when meeting new people or looking for work. So I'm happy right now :)

From the first day I made a lot of friends at Alpadia. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I've always had a hard time with English, and even harder with French, but my teachers at Alpadia Lyon were patient and comprehensive with me, which helped me learn a lot. I greatly enjoyed my stay in Lyon as I met a lot of people, progressed greatly in my French and had an amazing time.

I had received good feedback regarding the French courses organised by Alpadia. As my main goal was to improve and perfect my French, I decided to register et I indeed was greatly satisfied with the course. The classes was very motivating, fun, enriching and I learned a lot. The teachers were really nice as well! I have always been passionate about French and France in general, so I was really happy to be able to discover one of the most lovely cities in France: Lyon! I thought that Lyon was a small city that I could visit in a few days, however I realised that I was wrong! Lyon is a really pretty city where everything works really well. There are lots of things to do, from culture to nature, sports and riverside walks….the gastronomy also took me by surprise! Here is perfect!

I chose this school because I enjoyed speaking French and found Alpadia to be the best school to learn French. When I arrived in Lyon I stayed at the school loft apartment. After 6 months I changed to stay with a host family. There I had a fantastic stay. Thank you Alpadia! I had a good language study stay.

It was super great!! Lyon is a beautiful city with something for everyone, and each area is an experience in itself!

- Kosovo

As I did not want to go to Paris, I chose to study French in Lyon. Lyon is a beautiful city with an abundance of things to do, like mini-golf at the Parc de la Tête d'Or. During my first day at Alpadia I met many friendly and open people. Now I have three best friends and I think they will be my friends for life! Even if you're a bit timid or only stay one week, you are bound to make new friends. My teacher was amazing. On the first day she came into class, pointed at the light and said "Lumos!" She was a Harry Potter fan. She was really nice, patient, funny and entertaining, and also a really good teacher! All the classes were clear and well-organised. Finally I think I understand the "subjunctive" tense! I loved my stay in Lyon and I am sure that I will return!

I was very happy that I chose Lyon as my destination. Lyon is a big city with lots of things to do and places to see. It's a young, dynamic city, rich in history and attractions. At the school I took Standard, Intensive and Premium classes. The Premium lessons allowed me to thoroughly improve my written and oral French. Thanks to the activities organised by the school it was possible to bond with the other students, who came from all over the world.

I had a very good experience Alpadia during my stay in Lyon. I learned a lot! But I didn't just learn French. I definitely improved my French and I am very happy with my progress, but the most interesting aspect of my language course with Alpadia was getting to know great teachers and other fascinating students. Meeting these people was great! This experience was very enriching and in a very human sense. The people here are really phenomenal!

- Colombia

I chose Lyon because it is close to Switzerland and there are lots of possibilities: history, the charm of the city, gastronomy etc… I live in the old town in a jewel of an apartment. I can walk to Alpadia! The French language is difficult, but it is fun to learn French with my teacher. If possible I will come back!

I chose Lyon as a destination for its beauty! Also Lyon is a very interesting city from a cultural and entertainment point of view. The school was perfect and the classes were always interesting for me and my fellow students. Outside of class there was plenty to do: see the pretty city and participate in the activities organised by the school, which I found very entertaining. I would like to thank the Alpadia team for their availability and support as well as my host family for their kindness and generosity.

I chose Lyon for my language course in France because it is a town with an interesting history and lots of cultural options. Alpadia in Lyon is a school with a relaxed atmosphere. This is a really nice asset. Everybody knows each other and it is easy to make contact with other students. The teachers are very nice and helpful. The Alpadia school is an excellent choice for a French language course.

- Switzerland

My stay in the French city of Lyon was a memorable experience. It was the first time I travelled alone but I felt comfortable straight away because people on site helped me a lot and I rapidly got used to my new environment. The school is small but has everything you need. The teachers were like friends, friendly and funny and always available if we needed help or advice. The school is located in the heart of the city and well-served by public transport. Lyon is a beautiful town. It is crossed by two rivers, which creates an amazing atmosphere. At night, the city is even more attractive as the two rivers are illuminated. It is a young city and it is not too big so you can get around it quite easily with public transport. You can enjoy every area of the city, especially the historical part, the “Vieux Lyon”. I can only recommend this destination to everyone! I really had a great time there and in the end, I didn’t want to go back home. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

- Spain

Lyon gave me one of the most pleasant experiences in my life. During a short stay of two weeks, I was truly touched by the people and places in this vibrant city. The course at Alpadia ensured a valuable and rich learning experience, but apart from academics, Lyon and Alpadia gave me the opportunity to experience different cultures and the way they are integrated in France.

It is impossible to be in Lyon and not take part in the festivities here. The cheerful spirit of local people is contagious. If you have an appetite for fun or a good appetite in general, it is a great place to satisfy it (there is literally a restaurant around every corner!).

French is a difficult language, but in a place like this, you can dive into local life and make the most out of every new experience in a unique way, devouring museums, grammar exercises, nightlife and everything else Lyon has to offer."

- South Africa

I enjoyed my experience in Lyon very much. Alpadia helped me improve my French language skills. Meeting new people from all over the world and learning about different cultures opens your eyes to experiences you never imagined. You learn what makes your country special and what makes other countries unique."

- Canada

I am a wine lover and Lyon is the perfect city if you love wine and also cheese. It is easy to walk around the city and I only had to take public transport a couple of times. All in all time went by really quickly and I managed to be speaking French by the end of the week! It was a great experience that I hope to repeat again soon.

- Spain

I significantly improved my French during these three weeks. The people I met were really cool and I’ll keep in touch with them. My host family was the best I could imagine. Lyon is a beautiful city with lots of clubs and pubs, I will definitely go back there!

- Switzerland

In Belgium, French is becoming more and more important, even for Flemish people. This is why I decided to improve my French. In my mind, the best way to do is is to take a language course abroad.

I am very happy I chose Lyon. Lyon is a fantastic city. Each district has a charm of its own.

Alpadia Lyon is great! Since it is a small school, everybody knows each other. We are all like a big family.

During the week, the school organises activities and it is a good way to get to know the city and its traditions, the teachers and the students.

My 10-week course in Lyon is an experience I will never forget! I would like to do it again because it was really great.

Thank you all!

- Belgium

I took a four-week language course in Lyon, a city filled with history and beautiful buildings. The school is small and the teachers are very nice. You learn very quickly and with much pleasure. Lyon is a varied city which offers something for everyone, from the Basilique Notre Dame to the Lyon Part Dieu shopping centre.

I strongly recommend the Alpadia school in Lyon to everyone, I had a great time there. Thanks a lot!

- Switzerland

I am very happy I chose Lyon and this school.

My teachers were very, very nice, they were good at giving varied, interesting and instructive lessons. The activities offered by the school were also excellent.

Lyon is a charming and interesting city from a visual, cultural and gastronomic point of view!

One thing is for sure, I will go back there!

- Switzerland

I’ve never had so good teachers!
They convey their love for their work through all of their lessons and made them very interesting - even the grammar lessons! Although I had chosen the intensive option (premium course: 30 lessons per week), I really loved the classes and was often sad to leave the school in the afternoon.

- Italy

When I arrived in Lyon, Alpadia welcomed me very well. It is a small school with a family feel where you can be on first-name terms with the teachers.

At the school, you never get bored. There are always museums to visit, walks to do and lasertag games to play!

Lyon is a beautiful city with lots of culture and history. It is very easy to get around and everything is close at hand.

- Spain

My 4 months in Lyon were amazing! I stayed with a really nice host family. I started at level A2 and ended the course with a level B2. 

I believe travelling abroad can be really great and interesting if you are open-minded and want to meet people of other nationalities.

- Germany

I chose the school after having suffered a cancellation of a course in Toulouse, managed by another institution. It caught my attention the seriousness of Alpadia website, and I was right. Since expressed the intention to attend a week intensive course, all has been impeccable and extremely efficient; starting with the staff of the school, from administration in origin, the processing of course, the quality of information received before the trip, as well as the welcome at my arrival in school, the host family and the management of classes.I managed everything in less than 10 days and it was worth! Students in small classes (we were 6 at the level B2/C1), and teachers like Marion who have exceeded my expectations. I will repeat with Alpadia!    

For me, learning another language is like travelling, so learning a language while travelling has been the best experience of my life.

- Spain

My stay was great! I studied at the school for 15 weeks and I love Lyon and Alpadia. The teachers are brilliant and the students are nice. If I take another language course abroad, I would like to come back to Alpadia. I hope you'll have the same experience!

- Germany

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