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Alpadia student testimonials

Here, I have met wonderful people, excellent teachers and new friends that I hope to keep as friends for a long time. I've done many language study trips, but never have I had such an extraordinary experience as I have here!

I chose to come to Montreux, not for the pleasure to improve my French, but because I needed it for my job. Due to previous bad experiences, I didn't like this language. I hated it. But, little by little, staying here, this contempt has been replaced by the pleasure to learn and to improve, and now French is inside my heart. When I arrived, I didn't think that I could succeed an exam two levels higher than mine! Moreover, I didn't imagine, that I would stay one month more for an internship at the school. 

When I arrived at Alpadia Montreux 10 weeks ago, I had a lot of difficulties expressing myself, but after my stay I have improved my level substantially.

Every day we work on expression and comprehension, both oral and written. The rhythm is adapted and the lessons are varied and interesting. The teachers are very professional, dynamic and super friendly. The teachers and the other staff members were always available and helped me with my French, the after-school activities and questions about Montreux.

There were also other students, around 7-9 per class, who came from Switzerland and other countries and with whom it was possible to speak during breaks and after school.

Overall I am very satisfied with my language study stay and want to thank Alpadia, in particular Nina and Alice for everything.

I went to look on the internet for the best French school in Switzerland. Luckily I found Alpadia Montreux. I stayed there for 3 weeks and it went by very fast. I lived with a host family, which I enjoyed. At school the staff are very nice and the teachers professional and really know their subject. With Hugues, my private course teacher, I was able to take advantage of discussing themes which I chose. I also really liked the activities with Nina as they provided an excellent opportunity to practice my French. On top of that, she introduced us to Swiss culture. The activities were diverse: sport, cooking, cultural and entertaining evenings. Life in Switzerland is very interesting. The people are really nice, the weather pleasant and the food (especially the cheese that I adore!) is delicious. The multicultural aspect and landscape appealed a lot to me. It was an experience that I will never forget.

The teaching offered by Alpadia allowed me to quickly overcome my shyness and break down the linguistic barrier so that I could fully take advantage of my language learning experience in Switzerland. Once I returned to Russia, I was able to use my acquired skills in French working with business partners.

During my second stay with Alpadia, I was able to further progress by practicing daily my French and immersing myself totally in this magnificent region, where I have now been living for four years!

- Russia

Hi! It was the second time I went to Switzerland. The first time, I went there to learn German in Berne, so this time, I decided to learn French. The French language is widely spoken on all five continents. It is a beautiful, melodious language.

When I arrived in Montreux, the weather was awful, the sky was grey, but after two days, it changed radically. The area around Montreux is splendid. I met many people, I had a great time during the activities organised by the school. We cooked together, we went for walks by the lake and we made the most of the Montreux Jazz festival.

I will remember this experience all my life; I have great memories from it. The teachers and staff of the school are exceptional. Not only did I learn French, I also made friends for life, who are like family now. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

- Brazil

After completing my training in accounting and finance, I was looking for a new challenge. Therefore, I decided to study French in Montreux. After doing some online research and getting advice from a leading language travel agency, I decided to stay at Alpadia Montreux, where I am installed very well. The school has different classes for each level. Further to that, I have a young teacher who brings fun to the lessons. I highly recommend the diverse afternoon activities. For accommodation I chose to stay with a host family who live in Clarens. My way to school is a bit longer than for others, but my host family is great! There are many other Swiss students at the school, but I like the challenge of speaking only French.

My language study stay at Alpadia was fantastic! The course was interesting and the teachers were motivating and professional. The DELF preparation course I took was particularly useful and prepared me well for the exam. Living in a student apartment gave me the independence I was looking for and I had a great time with my roommates from all over the world.

- Netherlands

I hadn’t studied French for several years, but after a week, it all came back. The director of studies was very flexible and allowed me to go up a class. My teacher was excellent; she was very patient and helpful. On arrival, I received documents with useful information about the region and I found them very useful.

- Canada

To study in Montreux was a wonderful experience. Not only have I consequently improved my French, but I also met extraordinary people who will be friends for life. I highly recommend Alpadia ...

- Scotland

I spent two great weeks refreshing my French skills in Montreux. Alpadia Schools have really nice teachers and the school is very well-located: it’s right in the centre, just steps from the lake. The Montreux Jazz Festival was also on whilst I was there. There was a real festival atmosphere with bands from all over the world and great parties!

- Switzerland

During my language study trip, I stayed with a friendly host family. Homestay accommodation is ideal to learn the language.

At school, I learnt a lot during this short stay. I am very satisfied with the school. Our teachers were very friendly and explained everything very clearly. In the morning, I was happy to go to school.

I love Montreux, the town is beautiful. You can play mini-golf, go to the cinema, to the gym or go shopping. As there is a train station in Montreux, it is easy to visit the neighbouring towns and villages. What’s more, you can take part in the school’s activities programme.

I had a great, memorable stay in Montreux and I met many friendly people there. I recommend Alpadia to everyone!

- Switzerland

The courses are adapted to the level of the students, the topics are varied and the teachers, young, dynamic and motivated! During my four-week course in Montreux, I improved my level of French in writing, listening and speaking. In addition, Montreux and its surroundings offer a wide range of leisure activities. If you wish, you can also take part in the activities organised by the school.

I am 15 and I am in secondary school. After my graduation, I will study to become a medical assistant. As my future employer is primarily French and as a result, has contact with many French-speaking people in Switzerland, I thought it might be useful for me to improve and perfect my French skills. At Alpadia, it is very easy because the teachers give practical and varied lessons. I like the city of Montreux a lot. You can do a lot of things here and simply make the most of your stay.”

- Switzerland

I live in Switzerland, so I need to learn French. That is why I decided to study French. The ages of the students ranged widely and they were all very friendly and fun to work with, even though I was older than most of them. The teachers were also very nice. I liked learning from different teachers. Each class was carefully planned. Every week we learned a main grammar point. However, there were always different activities based on each topic, so I feel I have not only learned grammar points but also gained confidence and improved my general ability after only two weeks of study. Now I can say that I am very happy to have chosen Alpadia as my first French language school.

- Japan

I need to have level B1 in French in order to start my hospitality training in Lucerne. I chose Alpadia Language Schools in Montreux after receiving expert advice from the Zurich travel agency. I was able to organise and compose my schedule myself according to my needs. I decided to take an intensive course plus 5 lessons in mini-groups, completed by approx. 2 hours of self-study, and it was exactly what I needed!

I have been here for 7 weeks and the other students in my class are very interesting. There is a good atmosphere at the school and the relationship between teachers and students is great. I love going to school and I realise I’ve made great progress in little time, especially when I communicate in French in everyday life or read the newspaper. Under the guidance of my competent teachers, I am preparing for the DELF exam - which I will take in four months - and I will then be able to start my hotel management training. I strongly recommend Alpadia Language Schools.

- Switzerland

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