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Learn German at Alpadia Berlin

In the Schöneberg district, a stone’s throw from the main attractions of the capital, our language school offers students a unique opportunity to attend German courses in one of the most beautiful areas of the city.

Many cafés, bars and restaurants can be found along the lively streets of this central district, easily reachable by public transport.

Along with its large and bright classrooms, equipped with first-class learning facilities, the school has a conference room, an internet café as well as a spacious lounge, where students can meet up during the breaks and buy refreshments.

  • Modern classrooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Success rate 97%
  • Free library
  • Student lounge
  • Study area
  • Cafeteria
  • Central location


Alpadia Berlin proposes an attractive variety of German language courses to help you improve your skills and expand your professional development. Whether you need to prepare for an official exam or want to advance at a more leisurely pace to enjoy your free time in Berlin, we can offer classes that fulfil your needs. Our course structure is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and all our placement tests are given before you arrive at the school, so you start learning German from the very first morning! 

All our courses are also available online! Find out more here!

Intensive 25

25 lessons per week

Using various dynamic teaching methods, this course offers an intensive and in-depth study of the German language with five additional weekly lessons dedicated to oral communication. The minimum duration for A1* absolute beginners is two weeks. *Specific start dates for absolute beginners > A1.

  • Levels

    Beginner to advanced A1* > C1

  • Duration

    1 to 48 weeks

  • Lessons

    25 per week
    Standard 20 + 5 oral communication

  • Start dates

    Every Monday, all year round*

  • Max. # students


More information Free online quote

Standard 20

20 lessons per week

This German course offers a solid learning experience while allowing you plenty of free time to exercise your language skills during the school's extra-curricular activities around Berlin. The minimum duration for A1* absolute beginners is two weeks. *Specific start dates for absolute beginners > A1.

  • Levels

    Beginner to advanced A1* > C1

  • Duration

    1 to 48 weeks

  • Lessons

    20 per week

  • Start dates

    Every Monday, all year round*

  • Max. # students


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Premium 30

30 lessons per week

Best suited to students who seek rapid progress of their German, this course option provides you an intensive approach with a specific focus on writing skills. The minimum duration for A1* absolute beginners is two weeks. *Specific start dates for absolute beginners > A1.

  • Levels

    Beginner to advanced A1* > C1

  • Duration

    1 to 48 weeks

  • Lessons

    30 per week
    Intensive 25 + 5 written communication in mini-group

  • Start dates

    Every Monday, all year round*

  • Max. # students

    14 / 6

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Intensity and duration based on your needs

This personal one-to-one learning experience allows you to intensively advance on the core German language skills that you wish to develop and improve.

  • Levels

    Beginner to advanced A1 > C1

  • Duration


  • Lessons

    Intensity according to set objectives

  • Start dates

    Throughout the year
    except in July and August

  • Max. # students


More information Free online quote

Combi 5 & 10 courses

25 or 30 lessons per week

This ultimate combination course is designed to help you acquire a deeper understanding of oral and written German, blending the benefits of both private and group classes. The minimum duration for A1* absolute beginners is two weeks. *Specific start dates for absolute beginners > A1.

  • Levels

    Combi 5: Beginner to advanced A1* > C1
    Combi 10: Beginner to advanced A1* > C1

  • Duration

    1 to 48 weeks

  • Lessons

    25 or 30 per week
    Standard 20 + 5 or + 10 private

  • Start dates

    Every Monday, all year round*

  • Max. # students

    14 / 1

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Exam Prep 30

30 lessons per week

Designed for students preparing for the German TELC, TestDaF or Goethe exam, this preparatory course provides you with an extensive and specific learning experience to ensure examinations are mastered!

  • Levels

    Intermediate to advanced B1 > C1
    see Certificates

  • Duration

    4 weeks

  • Lessons

    30 per week
    Standard 20 + 10 exam preparation in mini-group

  • Start dates

    According to exam date

  • Max. # students


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Experience unique Berliner-style living!

Alpadia Berlin offers numerous accommodation possibilities; from host families to shared apartments; from student residences to luxury hotels, all of which are located within thirty minutes travel distance to the school

Host Family

Our vast network of local families allows us to offer you an enriching experience immersed in the German culture and language. Located close to our course centre, you can choose from either a half-board or breakfast-only meal option. Single or double rooms are available with a shared kitchen and bathroom.

More information Free online quote

Hotel and Bed & Breakfast

From the most basic to the most luxurious options, we have contacts with local hotels and B&Bs close to the school for those students who seek accommodation outside our standard selection.

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Our residence features fully-furnished single rooms equipped with ample storage space, a wardrobe, a desk, a kitchenette and private bathroom. The central location provides you with a fantastic base from which to discover the city and its numerous cultural attractions nearby.

More information Free online quote

Self-catering homestay

Unique to Alpadia Berlin, this type of accommodation mixes our students with other locals in shared apartments, encouraging the ultimate language immersion experience! Sleeping in a single room, this option is self-catering, with access to a shared kitchen, bathroom and communal lounge area.

More information Free online quote

Student apartment

Ideally located in the vicinity of the city's main attractions, our carefully selected student apartments are close to public transport and offer the opportunity of greater independence without the solitude! Single or double rooms are available along with a shared kitchen and communal bathroom with washing machine.

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Experience the diversity, history, culture and creativity of Berlin

During your German language study stay at Alpadia Berlin, get carried away by the hustle and bustle of this vibrant capital. Alpadia offers a wide range of weekly activities and excursions in order to discover this multifaceted city. From museum visits, exhibitions, guided city tours, Biergarten evenings, open-air cinema viewings at the Kreuzberg or Stammtisch in Schöneberg, to exploring the “country” side of Berlin and enjoying excursions to Dresden and its Zwinger, or Potsdam and its Sanssouci Castle.

Tanztage Berlin

Since 1996, with the support of the city, this international dance festival has established itself as an important platform for young and upcoming dancers in Berlin. Open to dancers based in Berlin, this yearly festival offers a framework for them to showcase their new and existing productions.

09/01 - 19/01/2019
More information


This unique transdisciplinary platform seeks to create a transitory space for artistic, academic, activist and everyday expression. The festival engages in reflective, aesthetic and speculative positions in between art, technology and culture. With a variety of workshops, talks, performances, music and screenings, this unique cultural event should not be missed!

31/01 - 03/02/2019
More information


In its 68th year and welcoming over 300’000 visitors, this internationally renowned film festival presents both long and short-format films and documentaries from the world over. Discover a wealth of cinematic gems and spot some of the biggest names in cinema at Berlinale, one of the most important film festivals of the year!

07/02 - 17/02/2019
More information


One of the biggest and most important festivals in Europe, this international festival for improvisational theatre and music has delighted its public since 2001. Dealing with different themes every year, the performers explore these topics using spontaneity and the process of collective storytelling.

16/03 - 24/03/2019
More information


Explore the eclectic collection of music presented at this festival under the theme of time and the digital age. Together with conferences and concerts, this event proposes a unique collection of performances underpinned by a socio-political, philosophical and artistic dimension.

22/03 - 01/04/2019
More information

Berlin Half Marathon

This yearly event has been running since before the reunification of Germany and brings together both young and adult participants. Having begun during the Cold War and continued after the Berlin wall came down, this marathon welcomes over 20'000 runners from over 60 countries each year!

07/04 - 07/04/2019
More information

International Games Week

An event of mini-events, this week long festival connects industry professionals, media and gamers in Berlin to bring together business, technology and culture. With workshops, conferences, screenings and plenty of games, this event is recommended for any avid gamer!

08/04 - 14/04/2019
More information


Since 1988, this intense one-day local festival brings together international and national musicians and artists as well as offering a platform for dialogue on cultural and political issues through conferences and workshops.

01/05 - 01/05/2019
More information

Karneval der Kulturen

Discover this 4-day urban street festival that takes place in the heart of Berlin, celebrating the diversity of local culture. With over 100 bands and DJs, 200 performers and street artists, there is also a street parade that turns the city into a massive party.

18/05 - 21/05/2019
More information

Fête de la Musique

Celebrated all over the globe as Worldwide Music Day, the Fête de la Musique in Berlin plays tribute to both local and international artists. Since 1995, this free event gathers a wealth of musicians, bands, orchestras, choirs, soloists and DJs who perform around the city. 

21/06 - 21/06/2019
More information


Enjoy this jazz music street festival in the trendy district of Kreuzberg. A hub of creativity and multicultural exchange, this weekend event provides entertainment for the whole family, featuring plenty of culinary delights from all over the world.

30/06 - 02/07/2019
More information

Classic Open Air on Gendarmenmarkt

Discover an open-air classical music festival on Berlin's fascinating square, the historic Gendarmenmarkt. Boasting a programme of world-renowned musicians, this long weekend offers spectators a rich journey through various musical genres and epochs.

04/07 - 08/07/2019
More information

Young Euro Classic

Experience a classical music festival that presents the best symphonic youth orchestras from around the world. Founded in 2000, this festival offers a platform for youth orchestras to perform and also generally promotes classical music in Berlin.

19/07 - 06/08/2019
More information

Christopher Street Day

This celebration of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender culture has taken place since 1979 in Berlin. Taking its name from the New York’s Christopher Street, where the Stonewall Riots took place, this event attracts over a million visitors and is both a celebration and a demonstration against discrimination and for the rights of the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender community.

27/07 - 27/07/2019
More information

International Berlin Beer Festival

Around for almost 20 years, this world-renowned free beer festival attracts around 800’000 visitors from all over the world. For the beer lover, this is a unique experience to taste beers from over 300 breweries, from over 80 countries, with over 2’000 varieties of beer, both local and international.

02/08 - 04/08/2019
More information

Tanz im August

For lovers of dance, this international dance festival is not to be missed! With a wealth of performances over two weeks, some of the biggest names in dance are present to perform astounding choreography from the world over. 

09/08 - 31/08/2019
More information

The Long Night of Museums

Discover and explore a wealth of culture and history at night! Once a year, from 6pm to 2am, over 100 museums, collections, archives, memorials and exhibition houses welcome visitors who can enjoy late night tours in a unique atmosphere. 

31/08 - 31/08/2019
More information


For those who enjoy exploring innovative consumer electronics and discovering the latest trends, make sure not to miss the Consumer Electronics Unlimited trade show. Showcasing global innovations in electronics and home appliances for a digital world, this exhibition highlights extraordinary products and revolutionary technologies.

06/09 - 11/09/2019
More information

Berlin Marathon

Running, literally, for over 40 years, this annual, BMW-sponsored marathon weekend is open to all ages. With over 40’000 participants and one million spectators, this city-wide race brings professional athletes and amateurs together over the 42 km course.

29/09 - 29/09/2019
More information

Festival of Lights

Discover and be delighted by the magical and marvellous experience of Berlin during the Festival of Lights. For over 10 years, every October, the city is transformed and illuminated with spectacular displays of light art and creative installations.

11/10 - 20/10/2019
More information

New Year’s Eve

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the biggest party in Berlin, at the Brandenburg Gate. Boasting around one million visitors, there are over two kilometres of stages, party tents, light and laser shows, food stalls and drink stands, not to mention a whole host of activities to keep you entertained until the impressive firework display at midnight.

31/12 - 31/12/2019
More information

University Pathway

Learning German in Berlin is an experience most students never forget. Offering a low cost of living, a rich social life, an abundance of culture and history along with an alternative artistic scene, Berlin is a quality destination for learning German and preparing for entry into a higher education programme. Our German university partners (both public and private) offer Bachelors in Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Social Science, Healthcare and Music.

Click here to find out more!

Languages in Action

Berlin is not only a fantastic destination to discover the German language and culture, but also offers students lots of opportunities for work placements within different industry sectors: from hospitality to the arts, from sales to social work as well as volunteering possibilities with Caritas and GiveSomethingBackToBerlin. With affordable living prices, efficient transport links and a great social life, students can truly benefit from the dynamic city environment where there are always plenty of different places to explore and new people to meet.

Click here to find out more!

Course prices 2020

Course prices 1 week <%= displayWeek(currentWeek, 'week', 'weeks') %> 48 weeks
Standard course EUR 155 EUR <%= price(prices['course-1'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 5'040
Intensive course EUR 195 EUR <%= price(prices['course-2'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 6'960
Premium course EUR 260 EUR <%= price(prices['course-3'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 10'320
COMBI courses 20+5 EUR 390 EUR <%= price(prices['course-4'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 15'600
COMBI courses 20+10 EUR 595 EUR <%= price(prices['course-5'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 26'160
TELC B1-C1 Exam Prep course EUR <%= price(prices['course-6'][currentWeek]) %>
Goethe Zertifikat course B1-C1 Exam Prep EUR <%= price(prices['course-7'][currentWeek]) %>
Private Tuition (10) EUR 440 EUR <%= price(prices['course-8'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 21'120
Private Tuition (15) EUR 660 EUR <%= price(prices['course-9'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 31'680
Private Tuition (20) EUR 880 EUR <%= price(prices['course-10'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 42'240
University 25 EUR <%= price(prices['course-11'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 6'960
University 30 EUR <%= price(prices['course-12'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 9'760

Private course fees 2020

Price per week
1 - 4
EUR 49
5 - 9
EUR 47
10 +
EUR 44


EUR 100
EUR 110
EUR 150

Price range 2020

Accommodation prices 1 week <%= displayWeek(currentWeek, 'week', 'weeks') %> 48 weeks
Host family, single room, half board EUR 300 EUR <%= price(prices['accommodation-1'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 11'520
Host family, single room, breakfast EUR 250 EUR <%= price(prices['accommodation-2'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 8'880
Host family, double room, half board EUR 240 EUR <%= price(prices['accommodation-3'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 8'640
Host family, double room, breakfast EUR 180 EUR <%= price(prices['accommodation-4'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 6'720
Student apartment, single room, no meals EUR 390 EUR <%= price(prices['accommodation-5'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 11'560
Student apartment, double room, no meals EUR 310 EUR <%= price(prices['accommodation-6'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 10'120
Self catering homestay (single room) EUR 195 EUR <%= price(prices['accommodation-7'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 7'440
Self catering homestay (double room) EUR 150 EUR <%= price(prices['accommodation-8'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 6'480
Residence, single room, no meals EUR 390 EUR <%= price(prices['accommodation-9'][currentWeek]) %> EUR 11'560

Dates & General Information 2020

Elementary to advanced levels, A1 > C1:

Course starts every Monday

Start dates for absolute beginners, minimum 2 weeks booking:

06.01 / 03.02 / 02.03 / 30.03 / 04.05 / 02.06 / 29.06 / 13.07 / 03.08 / 31.08 / 05.10 / 02.11 / 30.11.2020

Bank holidays, lessons are not substituted (school closed):

23.12.2019-03.01.2020 / 10.04 / 13.04 / 01.05 / 08.05 / 21.05 / 01.06 / 21.12.2020 - 01.01.2021

Exam – Goethe Zertifikat

B2 & C1 Exam Prep course - start dates: 06.01 / 02.03 / 02.06 / 03.08 / 28.09.2020

Exam – TELC Deutsch

B1 & B2: 31.01 / 28.02 / 27.03 / 24.04 / 29.05 / 26.06 / 31.07 / 28.08 / 25.09 / 23.10 / 20.11 / 18.12.2020

C1: 29-30.01 / 26-27.02 / 25-26.03 / 22-23.04 / 27-28.05 / 24-25.06 / 29-30.07 / 26-27.08 / 23-24.09 / 21-22.10 / 18-19.11 / 16-17.12.2020
B1, B2 & C1 Exam Prep course - start dates: 06.01 / 03.02 / 02.03 / 30.03 / 04.05 / 02.06 / 06.07 / 03.08 / 31.08 / 28.09 / 26.10 / 23.11.2020

TELC prices : B1 = 100 EUR / Telc Deutsch B2 = 110 EUR / Telc Deutsch C1 = 150 EUR

Exam – TestDaf

B2 & C1: tbc

Included in the price

Tuition, learning material, assessment test, Alpadia certificate, activity programme, student card, accommodation placement and taxes.

Enrolment fee EUR 75

University Pathway 2020

Dates for direct access to university – with high-school diploma equivalent to the German "Abitur"
and dates for indirect access via Studienkolleg – one-year preparatory programme

Level Duration    UNIVERSITY
Last start date for March/April 2020** entry
Last start date for October 2020 entry
Last start date for March/April 2020** entry
Last start date for September 2020 entry
A1 Beginner 44 weeks   03.12.2018* 06.05.2019* - 01.04.2019*
A2 Elementary 36 weeks   18.02.2019 08.07.2019 10.12.2019 10.06.2019
B1 Intermediate 28 weeks   15.04.2019 02.09.2019 18.02.2019


B2 Advanced intermediate 16 weeks   08.07.2019 25.11.2019 13.05.2019 28.10.2019

*Beginners: start date only in Berlin / **Usually only for Master Degree
Other earlier start dates are also possible – please check our online enrolment tool for availability.

Latest TestDaF exam date for direct entry in October 2019: 10.04.2019
Latest TestDaF exam date for direct entry in March/April 2020: 05.11.2019

Studienkolleg (requires proof of B2 level)
Latest TELC exam date for indirect entry in September 2019: 01.03.2019
Latest TELC exam date for indirect entry in March/April 2020: 30.08.2019
Latest TELC exam date for indirect entry in September 2020: TBC

Level Standard 20 Duration  EUR Price***
A1 Beginner 44 weeks 5160
A2 Elementary 36 weeks 4680
B1 Intermediate 28 weeks 3800
B2 Advanced intermediate 16 weeks 2600
Studienkolleg preparation course     
15 lessons per week 4 weeks 620

*** Not including application process fee and invitation letter (450 EUR) and Express shipping fee (60 EUR)

Special offers

Special offers
Come with a friend and pay no enrolment fees! More information

Come with a friend and pay no enrolment fees!

Enrol with a friend and we'll waive the enrolment fees of both participants. Even if you are both in different locations! This fantastic offer is valid all year and applies to all Alpadia Language School programmes.

Berlin_Accommodation Residence Discount More information

Berlin_Accommodation Residence Discount

Take advantage of our Student Residence discount in Berlin!
Single room, self-catering stay

  • 1 week: Regular price €350 new price €300
  • 2-3 weeks: Regular price €270 new price €220
  • 4-7 weeks: Regular price €260 new price €210
  • 8+ weeks: Regular price €240 new price €190

All prices are in € – Euros
Applicable to new bookings received by September 30th 2020.
Accommodation should start prior or on December 6th 2020 latest.
Accommodation promotional price is not subject to the high season supplement.
Residence accommodation is available to student aged 18+.

Visa information

Students who are non-European nationals will need to make sure that they have the necessary documents to enter and remain in Germany for the duration of their stay. Click on the link below to see our dedicated student visa page.

We are a team

Director's welcome

“Welcome to Alpadia Berlin! My name is Felix Breitkreuz and I have been running the school since 2011. 
For over 25 years, our school has been providing German courses – we receive approximately 3000 students from over 50 countries every year. The school is located in the western part of Berlin city centre, and surrounded by cafés, little shops and sights.”

Felix Breitkreuz, Berlin Centre Manager

Felix Breitkreuz

Felix Breitkreuz

Berlin Centre Manager

Felix Breitkreuz

Felix Breitkreuz

Berlin Centre Manager

Felix runs Alpadia Berlin, which counts 50 teachers. He has been with Alpadia since 1997 and successively worked as a German teacher, manager of the German department, trainer and exam trainer before taking over the direction of the school.

Felix studied law, Slavic studies and German as a foreign language and has worked for various language schools, adult education centres and exam centres.

Katrin Valance

Katrin Valance

Student Support Manager

Katrin Valance

Katrin Valance

Student Support Manager

Katrin is responsible for the student services and support at Alpadia Berlin and acts as a substitute for the school director.

After her language and business studies she gained much experience in several economic and service institutions in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany.

Before Katrin joined Alpadia Berlin in 2013, she worked during many years as a Sales Manager for a language school in Zurich.

Anja Grüneberg

Anja Grüneberg

Director of Studies for German as a Foreign Language

Anja Grüneberg

Anja Grüneberg

Director of Studies for German as a Foreign Language

Anja is in charge of course organization and quality control. She is responsible for testing your language skills to make sure you are placed in the right group and will help you with all of your questions regarding your German courses. Anja spent many years as a teacher trainer and today looks after the teachers at Alpadia, supporting them in their professional development. She studied German philology. Passionate about the oceans and all undersea creatures, she also graduated in Biology.

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