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Alpadia student testimonials

I attended the Alpadia School in Berlin, for one week only. I found this to be such a good experience. To immerse myself into not only the language but the culture of Germany. After my week at the school I have found that my understanding of the German grammar has greatly improved and my confidence to use German in conversation is really strong. The teachers at the school are fantastic at visually displaying grammar understanding along with the course book and listening activities. They are extremely patient, sympathetic and so knowledgable in their teachings.   I found that there is a diverse reason for everyone attending the classes from simply wanting another language as a hobby to needing the language for a new job. I am in the latter category. You may think one week is not enough, I would strongly advise the combi course is taken to gain the full benefit of group activities with the personal teachings on a 1:1 basis. Whether you stay for one week or one year. The personal teachings emphasise the learnings taken from group sessions. Personally, I did not want to go home. The school make you feel so welcome. Everyone is so friendly. It´s a place you seriously get out what you put in. I put my heart and soul into my course and truly returned to the UK with a vast knowledge I know I would not have achieved through any other form of learning.

I have been taking private lessons to learn German with Alpadia in Berlin and I love it. Very friendly and caring reception. They chose the best teacher for me, who is creative and designs very interesting exercises, with grammar, poetry, youtube videos and other media. I have been having so much fun and have become so much more fluent in under a month. My understanding of TV shows and reading has also greatly improved. I highly recommend Alpadia.

I think Berlin is a marvelous city and I am enjoying studying here. I want to stay here to continue studying Deutsch!

Berlin is a wonderful city! There's very good food. The school is very well organised and the lessons are made in a very clear manner that gives motivation to learn German. Alpadia school is great!

Last spring I was here in Berlin with Alpadia and it was so amazing that I came back! I am so excited to be staying in Berlin.

I really like the school and the city is amazing….and I really want to stay here longer.

Berlin is a big city with a lot of history. Going out is fun and there is a great atmosphere. The German classes are interesting and I feel that I have improved after just 2 weeks!

I chose Berlin as a destination because I was told that it was a great capital to discover. Alpadia organised my stay perfectly: the classes, the accommodation and the transfer from the airport went very well. I made many new friends at the school ; we visited the city and had a great time together. The cost of living in Berlin is a lot lower than in Switzerland, especially for food! There is a good atmosphere in the school and the teachers are fun. It is pleasant to study in such a relaxed atmosphere. I have already studied in 2 other schools, but Alpadia is the best! I'm thinking about staying here for another few months in order to perfect my German.

- Holland

My trip to Berlin was a wonderful experience at all levels. I met amazing people. I learnt a lot and the classes as well as the teachers fully matched my expectations. I keep excellent memories from my stay and I hope the next “Berliners” by adoption will have as great an experience as me."

I had been dreaming about taking a gap year for a long time and I took advantage of it to learn languages whilst travelling. Alpadia offers a multi-language year that corresponded perfectly to my plan. I began with a 3-month course in Rome, continued with a 3-month course in Berlin and finished with 6 unforgettable months in Australia and New Zealand. I couldn't even begin to summarise a year so rich in experiences and encounters but in any case, I achieved my goal, which was to be able to communicate in various languages!

- Switzerland

I spent 5 action-packed months in Berlin. You never know what to expect here, the city is so full of surprises. When something unusual happens, like people dancing at the entrance of the metro with an improvised DJ, all you can say is: “this is Berlin!”

Alpadia is well located close to many cosy restaurants and the neighbourhood is beautiful. The school offers many activities and outings every week, which gives you an opportunity to meet more people and further discover the city. For me, Berlin means: crazy evenings, art galleries and black & white pictures taken from a photo booth… Viel Spass!”

- Switzerland

The trip was amazing! Berlin is a great city, there are lots of places to visit and things to discover! We didn’t have time to get bored. The school was nice, with flexible hours and interesting courses. My host family was amazing and the living conditions were perfect. It was fun all the way through!

- Colombia

At first, I wasn’t very excited at the prospect of taking a German language course abroad. I didn’t like the language. Once on site, I changed my mind radically and I was very happy to be there. My language skills improved quickly and significantly. I met people from all over the world and I learnt a lot from them. I went to Freiburg and then Berlin: the two towns are very different but they are both charming. Freiburg is peaceful and green, with excellent nightlife venues. Berlin is bursting with people, history, parties and discoveries. This trip was a very positive experience and I wish it wasn’t already over.

- Switzerland

I decided to take a German course because as a Swiss citizen, it is important for me to speak the most widely spoken language in my country, from an academic as well as professional point of view. I contacted ESL, which enjoys great media coverage in Switzerland, and the ESL travel consultants recommended me the Alpadia school in Berlin.

The city of Berlin is big, loud, bustling, cultural and also peaceful in places (but you need to find the right spot!) Berliners are just like their city: definitely unique, multicultural, hyperactive and very friendly. And of course, the school is just like Berliners! Life in Berlin, accompanied by Alpadia is like a Russian doll, full of surprises!”

- Switzerland

Thanks to the wonderful teaching I received at Alpadia, I successfully passed the TestDaF examination and as a result was accepted into a master's course at a Berlin university. The teacher was well prepared, friendly and motivated. I strongly recommend the school and its teachers to anyone looking to either improve their language skills or prepare for a language exam.

- England

I’ve done other French courses before but none of them was nearly as good as the one with Zeliha, my teacher, at Alpadia – Berlin. I have never learned that much in such a short amount of time before. I will continue the course until my very last day before my departure to France.

- Germany

I spent 6 months in Berlin at the Alpadia language school. It was great! The classes were very interesting and I learnt a lot. The teachers are friendly and the students too! I am very happy about this experience and I don’t regret choosing Berlin. It is a beautiful town where there is so much to do! I will remember this language study trip forever. The school gave us an opportunity to take part in activities and meet new people. I was really great! The students are open-minded and from the very first day, I met a lot of people. I chose Berlin because a friend of mine went there and told me only positive things about his experience. I need to have a good command of German for my job. These 6 months were really amazing!”

- Switzerland

I chose the super intensive course on purpose because I wanted to have the best learning curve with 2 x 30 weeks of classes. Now I can confirm that this is definitely the most effective option to learn the fundamentals of a foreign language. From the first day onwards,we spoke only in German. Our teacher Cleomar set us a huge challenge, as we had to hold conversations in German only using our complete beginners’ knowledge. At first, everything was new and exciting, but from the second day, we could already feel the progress. Thanks a lot for this beautiful stay and good luck to the next students!

- Germany

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