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Alpadia student testimonials

At the beginning, I wanted to go to Heidelberg, but Alpadia had more suitable start dates, so I picked Freiburg. It was a good choice! I love to take part to the school's activities. It's a great chance for speaking and learning German. 
At the beginning, I didn't speak a word of German, but thanks to the many activities I immediately started to speak German and quickly improved. 
I liked all the activities a lot, but laser-tag, ice skating and bouldering were the best!
Many times I also ask my colleagues, who speak German better than I, to translate or explain me things, so that I can learn all the time. 
Coming to Germany was great! I definitely want to repeat this experience for learning other languages in future swell!

I enrolled for a German language course, as I have a year off and wanted to learn German. My parents advised me to go to Germany as my father also stayed a year in Germany. I chose for Freiburg, since I like small cities. Montreal is a very large city, and also in Berlin, there are too many people. In Freiburg I like the architecture, the people and the sweet little mountains nearby. Every weekend, I visited another city. I was in Berlin, Karlsruhe, Interlaken, Salzburg and Heidelberg. I only stayed one weekend in Freiburg. At school, I met many students from other countries. For example from Spain, the US and Ecuador. I have found many new friends here. When I arrived, I could not speak German. It has very much helped me to learn with other students. I like the course structure and also my teachers are good. I have already participated in many activities - pumpkin carving, the “Stammtisch” and I was in Heidelberg with the school. I have the best host family in the world! Sometimes we talk over an hour at dinner. In the first days they explained everything to me and when I don’t not understand something, they try to explain it in another way. We also talk a lot about personal things. I really feel like being part of the family and have already got to know all family members.

I chose Freiburg, because I wanted to live in a small, beautiful city, where there was less chance to meet Korean people. Moreover, Freiburg is the green city of Germany! At the beginning, everything was very different: there is clear, fresh air here, many bikes, not so many cars.
I like the school a lot, that's why it's the second time that I come here this year. The people are cool, the students and the teachers are funny and nice.
At the beginning I could barely talk and now I feel a new world has opened up to me.
I even have a German family now, with a German brother! They showed me German culture and I showed them Korean culture. There is a lot of cultural exchange between us. Sometimes I even cook Korean food for them.
I'm very satisfied with the activities – I take part in every excursion and every week I'm looking forward to see what's next.
The activities are varied and they are an excellent chance to get to know the students from other classes. The activity tutor also tells us many things about Germany, so every time I learn new things!

There are many language schools in Freiburg - my brother and myself had a look at all of them first and at the end we decided to enrol at Alpadia (my brother has studied in this school many years ago already). At Alpadia Freiburg there is a very nice atmosphere… it feels like being in a family! The apartment is perfect, situated in a quiet area and at the same time actually in the city center. I even bought a second-hand bike - it's great to come to school by bike! I like the city very much, it's a student town: there are a lot of young people and bars. The language course I really like. After three months now I can say, that I want to stay another three months. Each week a lot of students leave and new students arrive - sometimes I am really sad if other students leave. I have made wonderful friends. We are doing everything together! I did not participate in a lot of activities. Once it was only myself at the DVD evening and on Saturdays I don't have a lot of time as I am studying. The bakery in school is fantastic! That's a really great idea and thing to have!

I booked a German course, because I need German for my profession. This is very important in Switzerland. I decided to book a course at ALPADIA because the course structure and duration are very flexible. I did not have much time to learn German and was able to register quickly.

The school is well organized. The premium class is very good. What I learned in the Standard class, I could put into action for the Premium class.

My goal was to reach the B1 level. Here I have noticed that I'm going need more time to achieve this goal. Maybe it's good to talk before the course with the students about goals, desires and plans.

At first, I stayed in a student apartment. It's good to start to speak with other students. I then moved to a family which was more intense. I learned a lot of vocabulary for everyday use and a lot of expressions. My family tells me, for example: "Lass das ruhig hier." It's better that way. It's nice to learn a lot of new words.

I like Freiburg very much! It is not too big nor too small; it is similar to Switzerland. It is always easy to travel to Switzerland - which is good for me because I have a few job interviews there.

My arrival in Freiburg was smooth, because the city is close to Frankfurt. I reached the city by long-distance coach, that´s cheaper!
The apartment was really tidy and the lady had furnished everything really nicely. The location was good, too. You can reach it easily using the tram.
Freiburg is a nice city, neither too big nor too small and you can make many excursions from here. I like the life here a lot, that´s why it´s my second time here.
I was in Freiburg already 7 years ago. You can do everything here: go to the theatre, to restaurants, to pubs and even shopping!
The classes depend a lot on the teacher. We are having a lot of fun learning grammar and having the chance to speak a lot and to discuss with the other students. I like it!
There are many Swiss students here, but luckily they talk German to me. We get along very well together, especially now that I am not afraid of talking anymore, even though my German is not perfect yet.
Maybe the free time activities could be more varied. It would be great if we could go visit the local market place or go to a concert together!
Everything worked perfectly before my arrival: I had written many e-mails and the friendly and precise answers to my enquiries allowed me to take my decision.
After my language course I would really like to find a job in Germany. Next week I even have a job interview in Bavaria!

After graduating from university in February, I decided to perfect my German skills in Germany because I didn’t want to waste my second semester. The problem was that I didn’t know where to go exactly. Luckily, a friend of mine went to Freiburg last year and came back happy with a very good level of German. We talked about her trip together and after that, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Of course, I didn’t regret my choice.

First of all, the classes are very interesting and cover varied topics. The teachers are competent and attentive to students’ needs. Then, Freiburg is a beautiful little town with a wide range of activities: cinemas, theatres, museums, bowling, billiard, swimming pool, bars, etc. You can never get bored. Finally, you meet people of all nationalities: Russians, Japanese, Turks, Brazilians, Spaniards, Americans, etc. who, for the most part, are easily accessible.

This trip was a highly enriching experience on a linguistic and interpersonal level. I had an amazing time during these three months in Freiburg and I keep excellent memories from my stay.

- Switzerland

After graduating from high school, I decided to take a gap year before starting my vet studies. In Switzerland, vet studies are only available in German, which is the reason why I chose to take a German language course. I could have started university right away but I preferred to take some time to improve my language skills because I didn’t want to struggle during the first year.

I chose Freiburg simply because it is the closest town to my home and also because it offers attractive prices. I took an intensive course in order to learn more in less time. The activities organised by the school are very interesting and allow you to get to know other people from the school but what I liked the most, in order to immerse myself in the language, was spending time with my “Tandempartnerin”. I offered her my knowledge of French and in exchange, she corrected my German. As a rule, the partner lives in the town and it is an interesting opportunity to learn more about Freiburg and meet local people.

I learnt a lot during this language study trip and I keep great memories from it."

- Switzerland

I chose Freiburg for my language study trip to Germany because it is a very accessible city. It is not too big but it has a lot to offer: it is a multifaceted, busy town, by day and by night, which caters for all lifestyles. Thanks to the competent teachers, learning the language is easy and fun while the helpful and dedicated staff of the school help you overcome any difficulty. With German being very important in Europe and indispensable in Switzerland, I recommend everyone to enjoy a pleasant stay in this beautiful town.

- Switzerland

My boyfriend is German and speaks French very well, so I thought, if he can understand me when I speak French, then I should be able to understand him when he speaks German! After browsing the internet, I decided to take an intensive course at Alpadia in Freiburg, southern Germany, in order to live with him.

I studied Spanish for 8 years at school but the German language was totally new and foreign to me. I started the course as a beginner with the intensive and premium options and in 4 months, I made significant progress. I am now able to have a conversation in German with my boyfriend and his family, even though my learning is far from being over. I loved living in Freiburg: the small streets, the surrounding Black Forest, its dynamism and excellent nightlife make this a perfect place for a language course. Life at the school was also a rich experience. I met people of all nationalities, from Brazil, Venezuela, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, China, Japan, etc. with whom I hope to keep in touch for a long time. I also enjoyed the activities and evenings offered by the school, which are unique opportunities to meet the other students and establish strong ties.

I am back in France now to continue my studies, but I continue learning German and I hope to go back to Germany as soon as possible. Thank you Alpadia for this beautiful experience and I wish a great stay to the next ones!”

- France

I chose Freiburg because it is a sunny student town close to Switzerland. The school is well located close to the centre. There is a wide range of restaurants where you can have lunch and dinner at reasonable prices. It is important for me to learn German because I need it for my studies.

- Switzerland

First of all, I would like to say that if you are considering taking a German language course, you couldn’t pick a better place! As I am writing this testimony, I’ve already been here for 5 months and only have one left, but I wish I had more time. When you have been away from your country for so long, you would normally want to return home by now, but not in Freiburg. Coming from a big and stressful place like Caracas, Freiburg im Breisgau’s more peaceful atmosphere was a welcome change, but if you think the city will be too quiet for you, don’t worry. Just ask anyone who lived here and you will hear very fond memories of times spent at Shooters Stars, the Irish Pub, the Biergarten, etc. Of course, this is only possible thanks to the people you meet here. Rest assured that you will make tons of new and great friends in the school (probably a lot of them Swiss!) and have the time of your life!

- Venezuela

What has made the most profound impression upon me during my experience at the Alpadia School in Freiburg are the students with whom I have had class and whom I have gotten to know in my free time. Spending time with individuals from France, Switzerland, and Spain, among a number of other places: these are the experiences that one should have when traveling abroad to learn a language.

At times, the only common language between me and another student was German, which was at first difficult to grapple with. But what I discovered via these experiences was an even stronger compulsion to improve my faculty for the language. Such is the case when one engages in this kind of experience: one is driven to improve in order to fully exist somewhere other than home: to learn how those from another country laugh in their language, how they write, how they may wish to live. This helps not only in developing one's Sprachgefühl, but also in developing a feel for the culture in which that language thrives."


When I arrived in Freiburg, I didn’t speak a single word of German. I was a little scared of the people, the school, the city because I had never been to Germany. But from the first day onwards, everything was great.

The teachers at the school are very friendly and attentive and we spoke only German in class. In addition, the school offers various activities and excursions in order to give us an opportunity to learn more about German culture. The other students came from all over the world and made my stay in Freiburg an unforgettable experience. I met people from Switzerland, Turkey, the United States, Spain, France, Russia, Japan, Uruguay and Australia.

As mentioned earlier, I was a complete beginner in German. I took part in the standard course. I stayed there for 9 months as a whole and I now have level C1. The learning method of the school allowed me to make rapid progress.

The host family was great and we talked everyday. It was a great opportunity to discover German culture in an authentic setting. The city inhabitants are very helpful and there are many indications for non German-speaking people.

My stay in Freiburg is drawing to an end. I will miss the school. It was definitely one of the best experiences in my life.

- Mexico

After working for 9 years, I decided to take a break and improve my German with an intensive German course in Freiburg (also in order to be able to work in German-speaking Switzerland). I chose Freiburg because the city is close to the Canton of Tessin (Italian-speaking Switzerland), which made it easy for me to go back home whenever I wanted. Besides, I had spent a holiday there and had really enjoyed it.

During the first weeks of the course, I met many people from Switzerland and the whole world and I had friendly, experienced and dedicated teachers. I liked it so much that I decided to extend my stay for another 10 weeks, for a total duration of 22 weeks. At the end of those 22 weeks, I took the TELC exam for level B2.

During my stay, I tested different accommodation options: apartment, residence and host family. Freiburg is a beautiful town, not too big, which is home to lots of welcoming restaurants and bars where you can have lunch at a reasonable price. It has plenty for sports fans: I could practise squash and beach-volleyball. Besides, the public transportation network is excellent and well organised. During these 22 weeks at the school, I improved my German language skills, had a great time and made new friends.

In short, I recommend the Alpadia school and the town of Freiburg im Breisgau to everyone wishing to experience a language study stay combining learning and leisure. I also thank the staff of the school."

- Switzerland

My name is Alexey and I studied German in Freiburg for 4 months.
I was a complete beginner and I took an intensive course. My friend recommended Alpadia Language Schools to me, but I had to choose between Berlin and Freiburg. I chose Freiburg because: it is the sunniest town in Germany, it is perfectly located on the border with Switzerland and France and it is a student town, so it is a great place to make friends with other young people.

The classes allow for full immersion in the language as the teachers speak only German so you can hear and memorise simple sentences and words from the very first day. The teachers combine grammar with interesting games, pair work and exercises that help you to assimilate the new material. It was very important for me because I had the opportunity not just to build sentences in writing but also to use them in speaking.

Every Monday, the school shows movies in German with subtitles, on Wednesdays, excursions to museums are organised and on Saturdays, there are trips to other nearby cities. All this allows you to communicate with other students and practise the language. One of the best things about this school is the teaching staff, who are very professional and dedicated, and I know for sure I will continue my studies at Alpadia next year.”

- Russia

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