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Live classes and interactive lessons online

Our in-person and online courses are similar in nature: class sizes are the same and both follow the syllabus, textbooks, schedule and timetable offered at school.

A grading scheme, assignments, quizzes and tests are used as well during the interactive lessons. We use a mix of tools to facilitate easy online live learning. Students practise listening, reading, writing and speaking real-world French or German from day one in fun multi-media classes.

What’s included?

  • Dedicated ALPADIA teacher
  • Live interaction with classmates around the world
  • Access to online education platforms
  • Student support service 
  • Course completion certificate

Online-learning Tools:


It is used as a fast-pace and highly efficient group communication tool. It provides a common space for students to interact and exchange as a group and follow any teacher instruction by screen-sharing, etc.
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ALPADIA teachers use this platform to create virtual classrooms where they share with each group the course material, weekly objectives, assignments, create quizzes, etc. Students become part of a vibrant classroom community.
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This platform is used for oral skills development and practice. Teachers create groups of students and initiate a topic of discussion. With the fast live chat option, as students talk, teachers simultaneously correct without cutting them off. It is an ideal solution to help students progress and become more confident speaking.

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Certified Results

Course Certificate

The students’ language level is assessed following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and at the end of their language study stay at Alpadia, they receive a course certificate stating the level they have reached. The certificate is recognised by French and German official institutions, these certificates have an excellent reputation in the academic and professional worlds.

Student Support

On-site or online - our student support team is here to help!
The mission of the team is to provide support throughout the course and make students experience smooth and seamless.

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