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Why study a language in France?
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Junior and teenage students aged 13-17 years can learn French at one of our summer camps in Biarritz, Paris or English in Paris, all set in beautiful locations with a wide range of activities for teen students.


Study a language in France for as little as one week or as much as a year, starting at the level that’s right for you. Our language programs for international students include intensive courses, private lessons, work experience opportunities, exam preparation courses, university pathways and more.

Immersive learning experience

At Alpadia, learning happens not only in the classroom, but during fun activities and trips, while you’re getting to know your new city, and at home with your local host family. When you’re immersed in the living language every day, your fluency will improve faster than you ever imagined.


As a global center of art, culture, gastronomy and history, France is one of the world’s most visited countries – and a perfect place to learn French or English. Immerse yourself in art and architecture, visit iconic landmarks and monuments and discover the country’s fascinating history. Take in the chic and style of French cities, stroll through bustling markets and indulge in classic dishes at elegant restaurants. Adventure through the country’s stunning natural landscapes, or relax on quiet beaches. There’s truly something for everyone in France.

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I really liked my time in Lyon because I could visit a lot of beautiful places nearby and I met a lot of people with whom I could practise my French. This experience was lifechanging and amazing - I highly recommend Alpadia

Samantha from Mexico, studied at Alpadia Lyon

Additional Information

Why learn French in France with Alpadia

Learning French in France is an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and local culture. When you study French in France with Alpadia, you'll be surrounded by native speakers, allowing you to foster rapid language acquisition and fluency. This firsthand experience also extends beyond the classroom, as you will be able to apply your language skills in real-life situations while socializing, ordering food, or exploring the local area. 

Moreover, studying French in France offers cultural enrichment. You can discover historic landmarks, savor exquisite cuisine, and gain a profound understanding of French traditions.  

What are the best French language school destinations?

When it comes to deciding the best destination for a language school, it all comes down to the language you want to learn, and what your personal goals are. For example, when learning French, the best language school destinations are the ones that offer complete language immersion, and it is our belief that you can only truly do that in a destination where French is the native language. Luckily, Alpadia has language schools across France and in French-speaking Switzerland towns.  

The second most important factor is what you want to get out of the experience other than language learning. If you want a city experience with exceptional food, then our Lyon school is perfect. 

Why take a French course in France with Alpadia?

The French language offers abundant benefits: as one of the globe's most widely spoken languages and an official United Nations language, pursuing a French language course can broaden your horizons and help further your personal and professional aspirations. 

Alpadia’s French language courses consist of Swiss-quality education in a location where French is the official language. This immersive style of learning allows you to deepen your understanding of the language, as well as practice and utilize your new skills at all times – even when you’re not in class!  

Still not sure what is the right destination and course for you?

Our study advisors would be happy to help you out and find the right course and destination for you based on your personal or profesional objectives

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