German courses in Germany

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Why study a language in Germany with Alpadia?
Varied language programs

Study a language in Germany for as little as one week or as much as a year, starting at the level that’s right for you. Our language programs for international students include intensive courses, private lessons, work experience and volunteering opportunities, exam preparation courses and more.

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Junior and teenage students aged 10-17 years can learn German or English at one of our summer camps in Berlin, Frankfurt or Freiburg, all set in beautiful locations with a wide range of activities for young students.

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Pathway courses

Our Academic Pathway course will prepare you for entry into top universities in Germany – choose from degrees including Engineering, Business, Healthcare and more. Our Career Pathway course will help you navigate the German job market and kickstart your career in Germany.

Our language schools in Germany

From audacious cities and cutting-edge cultural events to stunning nature and medieval castles, Germany is equal parts historic and modern. Whether you prefer the urban creativity of Berlin or the old Renaissance university town of Freiburg, there’s a unique language-learning experience waiting for you in Germany. Tour the country’s famous historical sites, explore its lush mountainous countryside and get swept away in a whirl of music and cultural events, all while you learn German or English.

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Learning German at Alpadia was a really enriching experience. The teachers and the student support were very helpful and knowledgeable. I liked the school and the city of Berlin is amazing….and I really want to stay here longer.

Lorena from Mexico, studied at Alpadia Berlin

Additional Information

Why learn German in Germany?

When it comes to the most effective and profound method of learning German, we recommend studying in the country that originated the language: German! Being surrounded by native speakers allows you to practice your skills in real-life situations, therefore accelerating language acquisition and fluency.  

Additionally, Germany's cultural richness and historical significance add greater depth to your learning journey, providing a well-rounded understanding of the language. In essence, learning German in Germany is an unparalleled opportunity for language proficiency and cultural enrichment. 

What are the best language school destinations in Germany?

When it comes to choosing the best German language school, you must first consider your personal goals. Do you want to learn in the city? Do you want to enjoy an outdoor adventure while studying? Your dream destination can be determined by what you want to get out of the experience.   

Luckily, Alpadia has two fantastic German language schools for you to choose from! For an urban retreat study at our Berlin school, or if you’re obsessed with nature and medieval history, then our Freiburg school is a great option! 

What are the advantages of taking German courses in Germany?

Immersing yourself in the natural environment of the German language provides unparalleled opportunities for fluency since daily interactions with native speakers enhance your speaking and listening skills. Moreover, studying in Germany allows you to explore the country's rich culture and history firsthand, therefore deepening your understanding of the language. 

Luckily, Alpadia’s German courses in Germany are known for their Swiss-quality education and lessons taught by experienced teachers who offer support and guidance throughout your stay.  It doesn’t get much better than that! 

Still not sure what is the right destination and course for you?

Our study advisors would be happy to help you out and find the right course and destination for you based on your personal or profesional objectives

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