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All our camps propose a standard package of daily activities and excursions that are included in the price as well as several Premium+ optional activities that are available for an additional fee. 

Please download the chart to view both package and Premium+ activities available per summer camp. Scroll down to check out all the fun activities on offer!

Included package activites

We offer one of the richest all-inclusive activity programmes on the market!

All our summer camps propose an amazing included package; we provide multi-sportive activities, exciting excursions during the week and on the weekend, as well as entertaining evenings, giving our students every opportunity to have fun, practise the learned language and to develop friendships with fellow campers. There is also free time every week to go shopping, sightseeing or to simply relax and enjoy yourself. It's all included at no extra cost.


Available at all summer camps

A great team sport for all ages, our students learn the techniques for shooting, passing, dribbling and rebounding.


Available at all summer camps

The aerodynamic nature of the shuttlecock allows it to accelerate much faster fly differently than a ball, creating a challenging game for all.


Available at all summer camps

This popular team sport is played on a grass pitch or indoors and enjoyable for both girls and boys.


Available at Brighton, Montreux-Riviera, Leysin-Juniors, Leysin-Teens, Engelberg, Ascona, Biarritz, Frankfurt-Lahntal, Freiburg, Berlin-Wannsee & Berlin-Werbellinsee

With four major styles; butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, swimming is one of the best low-impact exercises around. Whether in the lake or at the local swimming pool, this activity always promises to be refreshing and fun!


Available at all summer camps

With two teams of six players, the game involves scoring points by grounding the ball on the opposing team’s court!


Available at Montreux-Riviera, Leysin-Juniors, Leysin-Teens, Engelberg, Ascona, Freiburg, Berlin-Wannsee & Berlin-Werbellinsee

With usually 9 or 18 holes, the object of the game is to overcome the presented obstacles and put the ball in the hole with the least number of shots.


Available at all summer camps

This fast-paced sport is played by two teams of seven on a court whose aim is to score points by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal.


Available at all summer camps

Also known as floorball, unihockey is a six-member team sport pretty much identical to ice hockey, though not played on ice obviously, and instead of a rather hard puck, players hit a plastic ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Table Tennis

Available at Montreux-Riviera, Leysin-Juniors, Leysin-Teens, Engelberg, Ascona, Portsmouth, Biarritz, Frankfurt-Lahntal, Freiburg, Berlin-Wannsee & Berlin-Werbellinsee

Play in doubles, one-on-one, or moving around the table as a group!

Beach games

Montreux-Riviera, Ascona, Brighton, Portsmouth, Biarritz, Freiburg, Berlin-Wannsee, Berlin-Werbellinsee

Fun in the sand is guaranteed! With a range of team games set on the beach, these moments promise active enjoyment and the opportunity to get to know each other.


Leysin-Juniors, Leysin-Teens, Frankfurt-Lahntal, Engelberg, Biarritz, Freiburg

Appreciate the natural beauty of the mountains and give your lungs a good breath of fresh air. We offer beautiful treks in nature that are truly a rewarding challenge.


Montreux-Riviera, Berlin-Werbellinsee

Move across the water using your kayak and double-bladed paddle, enjoying an afternoon excursion in the sun on the nearby lakes.


Montreux-Riviera, Ascona, Berlin-Werbellinsee

What lake experience is complete without the mandatory pedalo ride? Give your legs a good work-out while soaking up the summer sun.


London-City, Brighton, Portsmouth, Paris-Igny, Berlin-Wannsee, Engelberg

Discover the highlights of the city with our included sightseeing tours around town. From history to art, from culture to shopping, explore the top tourist attractions of the dynamic bustling cities of London, Paris, Zurich and Berlin.


All summer camps

Students who stay at least two weeks can take full advantage of our twice-weekly excursions to close-by attractions. Included in the standard package at all our summer camps are day and half-day trips to places of historical and cultural importance, as well as to amusement parks to experience exhilaration and fun with friends.

Optional complementary activities

For a little bit extra, get a whole lot more!

Enjoy three afternoons per week of one optional sportive or creative activity. This gives you the opportunity to intensify your experience learning a foreign language and to get the most out of life at the camp. Please find listed below the information on the activities we propose and the summer camp locations where they are available.

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