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Language courses

Our animated and dynamic approach to language learning means that you get to take advantage of fun and effective classes. Taught by native speakers, you will engage in role playing, group exercises, lively class discussions and take weekly tests to track your progress. We make sure you maximise your enjoyment while learning new skills, improving your level and developing your confidence speaking and writing.

Standard 20

20 lessons per week

Every weekday benefit from three hours of language classes (4 lessons) in small groups with our motivating and dynamic teachers.

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Intensive 25

25 lessons per week

Benefit from an additional lesson per day, focussed mainly on oral communication and the development of common projects. Five extra lessons each week are ideal for gaining maximum benefit from your group classes and encourage rapid progress. 

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+ 5 lessons per week

In order to make maximum progress, benefit from an additional five private lessons of 45 minutes per week to reach your personal objectives. Rapid progress is the goal. Private lessons can only be combined with the Standard course.

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Project Language

Project Language is a chance for you to work together to design, create and exhibit your own production (a presentation, poster, video etc). It allows you to share and learn from each other, develop and showcase your artistic, creative or leadership skills, manage your time, challenge assumptions and become better communicators. This module consists of five 45 minute lessons per week. Whether you want to create your own class newspaper, direct a play or make a business pitch, Project Language will work for you!

Excursions in Action

Excursions in Action ensures you keep learning and improving your language skills even out of the classroom! Your teachers will carefully prepare classroom activities based on the places of interest you will visit so you can learn more about the sights and improve your language skills at the same time. This way you will get the most out of your experience in the native environment.

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