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English Summer Camps

Alpadia provides fantastic English language summer camps in Switzerland, England and Germany.

With a range of destinations on offer, just select the experience you prefer. Want to be close to the beach? Then choose Portsmouth, England or for a more nature-rich background, close to lake and mountains, choose Leysin, Zug, Keele or Ascona. For the ultimate summer, pick London-City and benefit from all the dynamic, exciting activities on offer there.

With morning classes every weekday, the focus is placed on the active exercise of the language allowing for rapid progress of communication skills. Combined with sports, activity-packed afternoons and entertaining evenings, you are sure to pick up the language fast and make new friends in the process!

About English

  • English is the official language in 59 countries and spoken by around 800 million people worldwide.
  • English is the language of science, aviation, diplomacy, tourism, media and music.
  • English is the most widely used language among foreign language speakers and is the mother tongue for around 400 million people worldwide.
  • It is the official language of most international organisations including the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, the WTO and the European Free Trade Association.

Why learn English?

English is an incredibly valuable asset in today’s world and is essential if you want to broaden your horizon, both personal and professional. English is the universal language of communication and allows access to the best universities in the world, as well as giving you a wider access to the wealth on information available online and off. Prepare yourself for global citizenship and treat yourself to the most enjoyable experience learning English with Alpadia.

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