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Student testimonials

I laughed a lot with my friends! The staff were really nice and I felt well looked after. I liked the afternoon activities that were really interesting as we could go to Paris, and every day it was very different.

I stayed for 4 weeks during which time I met many really nice people. I was never alone and the staff were not like teachers but also became friends. It was great to visit Paris; I went to many museums, which I very much enjoyed. We always had the choice between 3 sportive or cultural activities, so that way everybody was satisfied.

I very much enjoyed my stay in Paris. We went to the Eiffel Tower, Jardin du Luxembourg and to Versailles. My favourite moment since I have arrived was at the Eiffel Tower because of the amazing view over Paris, the houses and gardens – it was super cool! I enjoyed staying at the camp because there were lots of really friendly people and I made many new friends. We will stay in touch and have already exchanged phone numbers. I will ask my parents if I can come back next year.

II am very happy because everyone is friendly and I have made lots of new friends (Russian, German, Swiss, Egyptian, Americans, Spaniards and Mexicans). I enjoy discovering new cultures. Every excursion is different and I prefer the amusement parks; Asterix and Disneyland. The best part of the camp is in the evening: barbecue, party, karoké where I sang (even if I'm not a good singer). I miss my family but my friends here make me feel better. I feel at home.

I liked everything here, the excursion to Paris and activities. I met many people, students and staff, and they are very friendly and will be missed. My French is better today. I think I will come back to Alpadia for my next holiday because I very much enjoyed it and the camp is very well organised.

There are people from lots of countries: Belgium, Egypt, Germany, Spain, Mexico etc.. In class I like that we only speak French, even if it was a bit difficult, I like that it was challenging. I also liked that every day we went somewhere like Versailles, Louvre etc. There was never a moment where we didn't do anything. I made many friends here. The people are really very nice, the teachers as well! It was an unforgettable experience.

I liked the excursions and I met many new people from other countries. My favourite moment was the party and my favourite excursion the Louvre Museum. It was my first time in France. I would like to come back to camp next year.

There are many different nationalities. This mix of culture and langauges is what brought me back to this camp a second time. The courses are ideal for perfecting the French language.

There are lots of different nationalities. I improved both my French and English by speaking with students from other countries.

My goal was reached as I came to improve my French. What I preferred was the staff and other students. The teachers are good. The adaptation to other cultures was without any problems.

The camp at Paris-Igny is a perfect place to have fun, make new friends from all over the world and learn French, all at the same time. The staff are really nice and are like friends!

The camp was really interesting for me and very educational. I like having friends from different countries. We can speak French together. Paris is very beautiful.

I love Alpadia. I adore the people and don't want to go home!

I really loved it! I am sad to leave but I want to come back.

I loved the people. I really enjoyed myself at Alpadia. Montmartre was the best because it was pretty. I think I will come back to Alpadia a 3rd time.

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