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German Summer Camps

Come and learn German in one of our summer camps in Switzerland or Germany.

Morning classes focus on communication, using interactive and dynamic techniques to get the students to actively participate and improve their skills. Combined with a rich selection of daily activities and weekly excursions, students get ample opportunity to practice the language both inside the classroom and out. 

About German

  • German is the official language in four countries and the most widely spoken language in the European Union.
  • Over 180 million people speak German worldwide.
  • German is the second most important language in science and essential for study in music, psychology and philosophy.
  • As prolific researchers, scholars and innovators, German speakers generate almost 80’000 book titles yearly, just behind the Chinese and the English.

Why learn German?

A language of music, science, business and culture, over a tenth of the world’s books are published in German and it is ranked as one of the most important languages on the world wide web. Learning German gives you extended access to information, not to mention better professional opportunities in the future.

German Summer Camps in Switzerland Summer Camps in Germany

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