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Summer Camps in Germany

Get immersed in the German language and discover a country abound with culture and history. A country of great composers, world-renowned philosophers, genius scientists and writers who have marked history.

As the most spoken language in the EU and one of the most influential in international business, learning German is key to broadening professional and personal horizons. To ensure our students the best language immersion experience possible, our German summer camp locations are close to cultural and tourist attractions and provide a wide range of opportunities to discover the country while practicing the language.



820 EUR

Located in the quiet Grunewald district, just 30 minutes away from the centre of the German capital by public transport, our course centre looks directly onto Lake Wannsee.



815 EUR

Ideally located on the banks of Lake Werbellinsee, our centre is surrounded by the forest, set in a vast protected estate of more than 100 hectares, where nature and lake prevail.




Located in the upper part of the Lahn Valley, 120 km from Frankfurt, our centre is set amidst typical medieval architecture, close to an imposing castle perched on top of a hill.



815 EUR

Located in a quiet environment at the edge of the forest, 20 minutes to the town centre, our course centre offers comfortable, fully-furnished bedrooms with a private bathroom for four students.

Did you know?

  • Germany is bordered by nine countries; Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
  • Germany is the 5th largest country in Europe and has the largest population in the EU.
  • Germany brought to the world some of the most famous inventions: the light bulb, the automated calculator, the pocket watch, cars, the jet engine and the LCD screen.
  • Bretzels are one of Germany’s most famous food exports!


The Heart of the Lahn Valley

Located north-east of Frankfurt, the Lahn valley is one of the most beautiful regions of Germany. With numerous castles, impressive churches, cathedrals and legacies from Celtic and Roman times, the Lahn valley offers many places of cultural and historical interest. The area is dotted with fortresses, castles and half-timbered houses, which are found over the hills and in the towns. A mix between fairy tale and baroque styles, this unique region offers a multitude of places to visit.

The forest-covered mountains and local rivers provide a natural environment of serenity and beauty. It is an ideal location to experience numerous outdoor activities and to take advantage of the fresh air and natural splendour of the region. Weekend excursions are organised in the nearby cities of Frankfurt and Cologne, allowing students to get a dose of the cities and their many attractions, not to mention the shopping opportunities.

All these attributes make this an idyllic environment for young students to combine language classes with a sportive and cultural language holiday.



The Capital of the Black Forest

Located at the border with Switzerland and France, in south-west Germany, cosmopolitan Freiburg is home to a beautiful university and picturesque historical centre that is always very lively.

Boasting an extensive pedestrian zone in the city centre, Freiburg is an innovative and forward-thinking town, known as an "eco-city", where locals love to cycle and to recycle.

The superb Black Forest, located nearby, is a great place to go hiking or mountain biking along the Rhine. In contrast, if you want to experience some thrilling sensations, we offer an excursion to the largest theme park in Germany, Europa-Park.

Learn German in the sunniest region of Germany and experience a language study trip filled with sports, leisure and exhilarating activities alongside students from all over the world.


Where Nature Meets Culture

Germany’s capital is one of the most attractive cities in Europe for a German course. Where East and West once collided, Berlin is now a young and dynamic city, filled with creativity and audacity. Just open your eyes and be dazzled by this vibrant metropolis and its offbeat urban landscape, mixing classical architecture with futuristic buildings.

A city of art and history, Berlin is bursting with world-class museums and sights, including the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz, Museum Island, the Wall’s remnants, the Fernsehturm and many others. These fascinating monuments will help you discover ancient and modern Germany. And then there are the many parks, gardens and lakes, which make the city so “liveable” and offer plenty of outdoor leisure options!

On the agenda of your junior language study trip to Berlin: German classes, cultural outings and outdoor activities. Load up on culture, breathe the fresh air and enjoy one of Europe’s great capitals!


Surrounded by Nature

Lake Werbellinsee is set in the Schorfheide National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve located 60 km to the northeast of Berlin. This holiday resort, popular with Berlin locals longing for nature, is a great place to relax while having fun. Despite its apparent tranquillity, Lake Werbellinsee’s area is conducive to challenging yourself and exploring new sports activities!

Located on Berlin’s doorstep, our course centre benefits from easy access to the vibrant cultural scene of this avant-garde European capital.

The pleasant climate, clear water, lush green forest and fresh air make it a charming region to discover. With the wealth of activities on offer, this is an ideal location to learn German or English and to fully enjoy the summer.

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