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Student testimonials

My first time in Freiburg was very nice. I like the city and the people very much. The lessons are good and I am having lots of fun!

I have made many new friends and also learned a lot of German.

I like the Alpadia programme, because it is fantastic!

In this camp I like the afternoon activities and the teachers, as they were always happy to help. I think that one should come back a second time to this camp to have even more fun!

The camp is cool and the teachers are kind and friendly. The lessons are good and were useful for my German! There is a cool excursion on Wednesday and on the other days we did sports and went to the swimming pool. We can chose between 2-3 activities! I like this language camp.

The camp was a very nice experience, as you can make new friends and improve your German. On top of that, you can take part in lots of activities and get to discover new cultures!

I particularly liked the evening programme because it was relaxing and was always outside.

The teachers are good, my class as well because I made new friends. The daily programme? It's fantastic! I love Alpadia!

I had lots of fun: the activities were great and well organised!

I have found many new friends with whom I spent my free time and did activities with.

The walk in the mountains was very interesting. That I enjoyed very much.

This week I lived a new experience, a new adventure with Alpadia! Freiburg is a lovely city with many sights to see. I particularly like that there are lots of people in Freiburg.

When I got here, I only could speak a little bit of German, but today I can have a conversation in German! As well as that, I made many friends for all over the world!

I really enjoyed Europa-Park and the day in Freiburg, because I got to spend lots of time with my new friends.

My speaking has improved in only a week and I can understand German better!

The many activities are fun and the teachers are really cool and friendly.

The best thing about Alpadia is the rich choice of activities. I think that the way that we learned German in class was an interesting and effective way. I enjoyed the city, discovering new places and the creative experiences. Premium+ Creative Arts was super with graffiti arts! Getting to know new people and at the same time doing stuff that we enjoyed was great.

We had lots of great activities which were good fun. During the lessons we learn a lot and the excursions are super!

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