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University Pathway in Germany

Germany is an extraordinary land of creation and innovation and has given birth to many exceptional artists, revolutionary architects, esteemed scientists and pioneering engineers. While Germany excels in the arts, it also enjoys a strong position in the world’s economy, number one in Europe and number four worldwide. With this favourable position, Germany benefits from a comfortable standard of living, affordable higher education and boasts an abundance of cultural and leisure activities, offering a whole host of exciting opportunities.

Study in German

Our German university partners (public and private) offer Bachelors in Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Social Science, Health Care, Music and much more!

Public universities

Private universities

What do you need?

Germany has either a direct or indirect entry pathway to their university programmes

Direct access to university

  • German universities require an upper secondary school-leaving certificate equivalent to the German Abitur and may ask you to sit an entrance exam.
  • You need a C1 level for entering a German university.

Indirect access to university – Studienkolleg

  • If your diploma is not accepted as an equivalent to the German Abitur, you will have to enrol in a Studienkolleg, which is a one-year preparation programme encompassing a variety of subjects.
  • You need at least a B2 level for entering a public or private Studienkolleg.
  • To get accepted at a Studienkolleg, an entry test is mandatory. There are several Studienkollegs in Germany and several entry tests can be taken at different Studienkollegs. We will inform you accordingly in case you have to apply.

Visa requirements

  • EU applicants: no visa needed.
  • Non EU applicants: you will have to request a student visa. Once your tuition fee is paid we will send you an invitation letter for your visa application. Simultaneously, we will help you launch your application at the university.


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