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Why to Learn French or German Online

Learning French or German is a great way of making your CV stand out, getting the job you want, making your dream of moving abroad happen, and generally just living the life you deserve – however, when it comes to actually studying, not everyone has the resources or time to travel to France/Germany and immerse themselves in the respective languages. Enter Alpadia’s online language courses!  

We offer French and German courses online that will ensure you reach your goals from the comfort of your own home – it’s flexible learning at its finest! 

Benefits of learning French or German online 

There are many advantages to learning a language online, but here are some of our favorites: 

  • Learn no matter you are: whether you’ve just got out of bed, or just got home from work, our online courses enable you to improve your skills from anywhere in the world 

  • Study with dedicated teachers: with Alpadia, you will learn in virtual classrooms alongside accredited instructors who host engaging and informative lessons 

  • Save money: choosing an online class over and in-person one allows you to save money on flights, accommodation, and activities – without compromising on your tuition 

  • Convenience: life is busy, most people have jobs, families, and other commitments that make travelling to a school a lot harder. Virtual learning offers your flexibility, and our classes can slot into your life without disruption 

Alpadia Language Schools’ online programmes 

All our French and German online language programs feature private one-to-one lessons with an Alpadia teacher hosted on Zoom, Edmodo, and Discord. During class, you’ll get to practice your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills through a mixture of online learning materials, including quizzes, assignments, and tests. 

Why choose an Alpadia online language course? 

  • Receive a completion certificate, recognized by French and German institutions 

  • Get constant support from our amazing team 

  • Benefit from Swiss-quality education 

  • Connect virtually with private one-to-one lessons with an Alpadia teacher

Don’t let anything get in the way of your language goals!

Learn more about our French and German online courses on our website and start your Alpadia journey today.

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