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Why to Learn German in Germany

When it comes to learning German fluently, there’s no place better than studying in the country that originated the language – Germany! With Alpadia’s language immersion programs, you will be surrounded by the German language (and culture) constantly, allowing you to practice your skills outside of class and ensure that you advance quickly so that you can reach your goals sooner. 

German language immersion is the fastest way for you to become fluent, but there’s many other reasons why this style of learning is better than all the rest! 

Benefits of a German language immersion program: 

  • Discover a new and wonderful culture: with our programs, you’re not just immersed in the language, you’re also immersed in a new culture! You’ll get to explore the most iconic landmarks, try some traditional food, communicate with local people and develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of German culture 

  • Improve your chances of professional success: Germany has an open job market to encourage international professionals and is also an industry leader in a variety of sectors including technology and science. By learning German, you will increase your chances of securing a job in this innovative country 

  • Achieve your academic dreams: there’s great jobs in Germany, and there’s also great schools. With some of the best universities in Europe, learning German will increase your chances of acceptance into these renowned institutions 

  • Connect with other students across the world: when you study with Alpadia, you also learn with a variety of like-minded students from all around the globe. Form lifelong connections and friendships and gain a new perspective on the word with Alpadia. 

Alpadia Language Schools in Germany 

At Alpadia, we have two great schools for adults to learn German. Both schools offer students the chance to choose a standard German course, a premium one, private lessons, and an intensive course. Which one will you choose? 


Our school in Berlin gives students the chance to learn in the capital city of Germany. With a fascinating history and creativity emerging from every corner, this destination is perfect for anyone who wants to experience a fast-paced and thrilling study abroad adventure. 


For something a little more peaceful and slow-paced, there’s the eco-friendly city of Freiburg. As well as being leading innovators in sustainable living, this picturesque city is full of Gothic architecture and is located on the edge of the famous Black Forest! Weekend breaks have never been easier! 

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