Alper’s story



My name is Alper and I am from Turkey. 

I took the German Pathway course in Berlin to study a bachelor’s degree, with the aim to eventually apply for a master’s degree in Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. 

This is how Alpadia helped me take those first steps to achieving my dream career. 


Following my dreams 

I knew I wanted to study in Germany because it has some of the best schools for my chosen subject: Engineering. I knew that if I wanted to be the best, I would have to go to the best school. 

The only issue was that I had a B1 level in German and I needed to increase this to at least a B2 in order to apply to a university in Germany. I had previously heard of Alpadia’s language programmes, and how effective they are at helping students learn languages quickly, which is why I applied. 


More than an education 

What I didn’t realise was how much the Pathways programme would help me outside of learning. Their expertise and experience meant they could help me in every way – from visas to accommodation to assisting with my university application – to ensure I had the best chance of being accepted into my dream school. 

Now that I’ve completed the programme, I feel confident in my language abilities and can ask and answer questions in German that will increase my chances of success at university. Studying in Germany and immersing myself in the local culture has also made me more punctual and a more hard-working person overall – traits that are particularly valued in my new country of residence. 


Hope for the future 

I am so happy that I chose Alpadia Pathways – with their help I have developed skills (both academic and professional) that will allow me to pursue my chosen subject and eventually, succeed in my desired career. 

My advice to anyone about to start their Pathways journey? Don’t be afraid to speak up and seize every opportunity given to practice your chosen language. Take control of your life.