Duygu's Story



Hello potential applicants! My name is Duygu, I’m from Turkey, and I took part in the Academic Pathway course in Germany. 

Alpadia has helped me expand my German language skills, which will improve my chances of achieving my dream career and degree. It’s been a journey.


Why Germany? 

I originally chose to study in Germany because I’ve visited the country before and loved it. There’s also a lot of Turkish people here, so it was comforting to know I would have a community from my homeland to socialise and interact with.  

Before I started the course, I already had an A1 level in German, but I needed to increase this to fulfil the language requirements to study a master’s degree in the country. Alpadia was recommended to me through word of mouth, and I picked it because I knew they had helped others achieve their language goals. 


Preparing for the future 

Since starting the course, my German has improved substantially, and I am now nearly fluent. Hopefully, this will help me gain entry to my desired master’s degree, but if not, I plan to apply for an Ausbildung – a vocational apprenticeship here in Germany. 

Throughout the application process, I found the visa and some of the other paperwork quite difficult. Thankfully, Alpadia assisted me with everything, and that was really useful. 

They also help with accommodation. Although I have my own flat here, I think the best option Alpadia offers is staying with a host family, as this allows you to immerse yourself into the local culture and practise your language skills with native speakers every day. 


Just go for it 

I feel confident in my language skills now, and it makes me excited for the future. Therefore, my advice to anyone thinking about applying to Pathways is to just do it. Everyone should experience what it’s like to study abroad, and it’s never too late to apply. 

This course has changed my life – now let it change yours.