Diego's story



Hello future students! My name is Diego, and I am a 20-year-old, sports-loving student from Chile!  

I signed up to Alpadia Pathways to help me improve my German language skills so that I would feel more confident when applying for university in Germany. 


Following my dreams 

I have always wanted to move to Berlin because my uncle lives here and because it has good schools. Sadly, because of the pandemic I had to delay my decision and so instead I went to university for one year in my home country.  

When I was finally able to move, I knew that I needed to improve my language skills before applying to university because at the time I didn’t know any German! I decided to go with Alpadia Pathways because it seemed to be a good language school from the reviews. 


More than an education 

My experience was great, and I love living in Berlin! It’s such a fun city and it’s given me a lot of independence; back in Chile I had everything done for me, and one of the most challenging parts of the course has been balancing making time to cook, study and go out with friends! Luckily, I had everything I needed in my room at the student residence, including a kitchen, bathroom, and a bed.  


Hope for the future

Now, I am a C1.2 level in German, and I’m hoping to apply to university in either Berlin or Munich and get a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Thanks to Alpadia Pathways I can now pursue my dream career – this course has truly exceeded my expectations. 


My advice for anyone about to start the course is to really study the vocabulary. There are many words to memorize so you must try hard. Good luck everyone!